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Biocircuit at Fitness Space Cardiff provides a new member experience as part of studio offering

Fitness Space offers members a supportive, service-orientated environment including a dedicated Fitness Coach and a unique workout programme tailored to the individual. With studios across the UK and an integrated app, Fitness Space creates a digitally connected experience to ensure members have access to their programme, can track their results and communicate with their coach 24/7. Founded by Tim Benjamin, 400m Olympic finalist, Fitness Space promises its members they will Never Train Alone. Biocircuit was introduced at the Cardiff Studio to provide a new type of workout experience for its members.
The Biocircuit format from Technogym at Fitness Space in Cardiff
Biocircuit offers a revolutionary 30-minute workout helping users to achieve their goals in a short amount of time. The circuit comprises both cardio and strength equipment and offers several guided programmes to deliver a truly personalised and engaging experience. A unique feature of Biocircuit is BIODRIVE, a motor controller that can balance all phases of movement, both concentric and eccentric in order to provide a tailored workout for each individual.

Tim Benjamin, founder, Fitness Space comments: Biocircuit provides the residents and employees in Cardiff with an elevated Fitness Space service. It allows members to come to the studio and complete a full body workout in 30-minutes. It also supports a wide range of health and fitness goals, so it’s not restricted to a certain type of member. The digital capabilities of the equipment mean that once the coach has supported the member with setup, the member is able to complete their workout in confidence knowing they are always guided. An integral part of being a Fitness Space member.

Biocircuit: a digital experience

The Biocircuit experience for a member starts with an initial induction with one of the coaches at Fitness Space. This session is key to completing the needs analysis to establish the goals of the member to ensure that the right programme is proposed. The member uses a personalised Fitness Space band to login to the UNITY SELF Pedestal to enter their goals and select the programme. The coach will then go through the guided programme with the member to ensure that all the levels are accurate and to show how the circuit works. Once this has been setup, the member can then come and use the circuit at any time by logging in with their band and are guided through their workout.

Training for results

Education was delivered by the Technogym Wellness Institute team to ensure that the Fitness Space coaches could all experience the circuit first-hand and understand how the to create personalised programmes for members aligned with their fitness goals. Oli Ford, Owner of Fitness Space Cardiff comments: The training delivered on the Biocircuit was fantastic. It was important we gained as much knowledge on the technology and processes as possible and this was carried out very well with both hands-on exploration and theory provided. This helped the team to confidently deliver the Biocircuit to our members and make sure we are utilising it to the best of its ability and personalising its settings to each and every persons needs'

Delivering a member led experience

As a member moves through the circuit and completes each exercise, the screen will guide the user to the next station to be used and provide a compliance score allowing the member to see how well they performed. Oli Ford comments: The Biocircuit is a huge unique selling point and the heart of our studio. Despite the Biocircuit being an extra to the standard membership price, almost all have chosen to have it included within their membership. This is due to the fact that they understand the value of it and how it can aid them in their fitness journey. It has been hugely well received by all and is a really good workout for everyone. With its different profiles and progression technology, it is constantly working to improve the user’s performance and results within its 30-minute circuit workout'.
A group cycling class at Fitness Space in Cardiff
Tim Benjamin comments: “The digital capabilities of Biocircuit are phenomenal and allows every member to have an individual workout experience. The seamless and simple user functionality makes it easy for members to start enjoying the benefits of Biocircuit quickly.”

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