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The 12 best modular hotels in the world

Travellers are increasingly looking for cutting-edge hotels that respect the environment and prefer facilities with low environmental impact, although with smaller and apparently less luxurious rooms, is a much more conscious and modern choice. Therefore, even the most important hotel chains are including in their growth plans new locations whose main feature is precisely environmental sustainability. For these reasons, prefabricated hotels, the latest avant-garde in the construction of luxury and non-luxury hotels, are becoming more widespread.

Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care.

A prefabricated structure will have each bedroom and bathroom built in the factory, even thousands of kilometers away from where the hotel will then rise. Like any other mobile asset, the individual units will be created on an assembly line, then sent to their destination, where a crane will stack them one on top of the other until the entire accommodation structure is defined. At that point the workers will only have to connect the various electrical and hydraulic systems to each other and the hotel will be ready to accommodate the first customers.
A suite on a tree crosses environmental needs with the modular architecture of prefabricated hotels

Construction advantages of modular hotels

Time saving
This method saves a lot of time when building a hotel. In a single day they can be built from a minimum of two to a maximum of four rooms of one, but then it will take between four and six weeks to reach the place where they will be assembled between them. According to Ernest Lee, Vice President of Development and Investment for CitizenM's North American Operations, development time can be reduced by 35%, while according to Pod Hotels CEO David Bernstein, a project that would typically take two years to complete can be completed in just 18 months.
Modular hotels are a new trend in green building
Reducing costs
In addition to considerable time savings, the modular construction of a hotel reduces costs. With regard to the construction of the Pod Hotels in New York, David Bernstein explained that the goal was to save time and money and, of course, time translates into money. This saving also allows us to offer our customers a product of excellence at a lower price. Ernest Lee himself said that, thanks to the factory production of the rooms, they are able to offer a four-star hotel at a much more reasonable price.

Better working conditions
In addition, the modular construction benefits the working conditions, as the whole is manufactured in closed environments and therefore reduces the exposure of workers to cold or hot and other weathering agents at the time of assembly. Despite the fact that it is a fast growing type of accommodation, there are still not many prefabricated hotels around the world. Yet it is already possible to draw up a list of the most interesting architectural and conceptual experiments.

Modular hotels in the world: a selection

CitizenM modular hotels are now found in cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Glasgow and London. They offer luxury rooms by installing compact and comfortable rooms in a simple urban and industrial setting. The rooms, with the ability to remotely control lighting, air conditioning and other features via the iPad, are stacked one on top of the other as if they were Lego.
BaySide Marina Hotel
Along the Yokohama sea you can come across prefabricated cottages with two long and narrow floors, based on the shape of the maritime container. This is the  Bayside Marina Hotel, where each room offers a different view. The individual units are manufactured in Thailand and transported to Japan, where they are assembled on site.

Shelf Hotel
3Gatti's The Shelf Hotel is composed of small removable modules within a structure raised above ground level, so that the underlying green space is preserved to protect the environment in Sian, China. The rooms are real modules in a frame, interchangeable like objects on a shelf.

Among the modular hotels, The Shelf Hotel in Sian, China, offers excellent solutions at affordable prices.
Yotel New York
Located just two blocks from Times Square, the Yotel di New York aims to offer guests a classy experience at an affordable price. The rooms, although small in size, are equipped with high-end electronics and monsoon showers. The common area, on the fourth floor of the hotel, features the largest outdoor terrace in New York, several bars, a restaurant and a gym.

Two more structures have been built on the same model, in London and Amsterdam.

Alterra Beach Resort
Built with old containers purchased at the port of Buenos Aires, the Alterra Beach Resort is located just steps from the beach of Pinamar, Argentina, and is the perfect place for those who want proximity to nature without sacrificing luxury. Each room is, in fact, equipped with insulating panels made of recycled materials, heating and cooling, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a private balcony.
Hotel Tree
A series of rooms suspended in the canopy of the lush boreal forest in northern Sweden make up the Hotel Tree, which reinvents the concept of a tree house to offer its guests an experience that brings them closer to nature and also makes them experience feelings of childhood.
Container Design Loft
Bright red, the Container Design Lofts is in the fishing town of Jose Ignacio, close to the pristine Uruguayan beaches and helps to keep them clean. Each apartment, consisting of a double bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, arrived with 1950s furniture, has a solar water heater on the roof, low energy LEDs and a self-sufficient garden.
Travelodge Uxbridge
In Uxbridge, England, 86 Chinese containers of various sizes arrived pre-assembled with plumbing and electrical systems from China, were stacked and bolted and became the Travelodge Uxbridge, a budget hotel with 120 bedrooms. According to the company that built it, the hotel chain saved $1 million and at least 10 weeks of work by deciding to build a modular hotel.
Travelodge Uxbridge is one of the cheapest prefabricated hotels.
SnoozeBox Hotel
The Snoozebox Hotel has been designed to be disassembled and reassembled easily and quickly, so as to offer accommodation solutions to those who decide to participate in music festivals and sporting events. The prefabricated rooms can, in fact, be assembled in multiple configurations from 40 to 400 rooms. The hotel can be made fully operational in just 48 hours, with even air conditioning, flat screen TV and WiFi in each room.

SnoozeBox is not only a prefabricated hotel but also transportable.
Originally designed as aesthetically unique and environmentally friendly camping tents, the rooms at this hotel are bubbles manufactured off-site and originally arranged on three levels in a pine forest outside Marseille. Some of the bubbles in Attrap'Rêves are completely transparent, while others are semi-opaque for added privacy. All, however, have wooden floors and a king-size bed.
Xiang Xiang Pray House
Aesthetically ugly to see from the outside, the Xiang Xiang Pray House in China has such a luxurious interior that it deserves the 5 Stars. Made entirely of recycled containers, it houses traditional Chinese decorations, skylights and designer furniture, as well as offering guests a perfect view of the Changski hills.
Xiang Xiang Pray House in China is a modular hotels with such a luxurious interior that it deserves the 5 Stars.
Cabine Morerava
The Morerava Cabins were built in Chile and then shipped and assembled on Easter Island, where they were perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. They boast solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce resource consumption and a lightweight roof, and the thin walls give the individual hotel units a rustic quality that goes well with nature.
Morerava cabins is a modular hotels in Chile

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