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Belmond: timeless elegance and care

Wellness, or the care of the body and the person, has many facets. In order to truly achieve a state of absolute Wellness, body, mind and spirit must be taken care of equally. That is why Technogym, the world's leading company in Wellness and fitness solutions, and Belmond, the company with over 47 exclusive leisure destinations, trains, boats and cruises, have begun a collaboration aimed at providing new wellness and personal care services.

The collaboration has started with a Wellness Weekend held in the beautiful location of Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice and has continued in the elegant Belmond Reid’s Palace, at the heart of Madeira’s island.

The history of Belmond: from the Venice lagoon to the peaks of the Andes

The story of Belmond begins in Venice. And every story beginning in Venice cannot but end well. A story that begins in Venice at Belmond Hotel Cipriani, with all its tradition of Bellini cocktails, Carpaccio plates and countesses (the real ones, with the list of whims almost as long as that of their ancestors), rests its narrative universe on a solid ground floor.

Certainly, then, rather than maintaining expectations, it is necessary to at least double them and contribute in a significant and fertile way to that stratified imaginary that is the world of luxury.

It is not difficult to imagine that since 1976 this is the main work of Belmond, the company of hotels, trains and river cruises born with the purchase of Belmond Hotel Cipriani.

From the island of Giudecca to the heights of Machu Picchu, passing through Madeira and Bali, the 47 Belmond hotels around the world build a network of very different experiences. Linked by the same atmosphere of elegance and timeless care, these destinations have become capable to evolve and meet the needs of a clientele increasingly in search of real wellness experiences.

An Iconic Location: Belmond Reid's Palace, Madeira

To explain why it’s important to evolve with grace, let's take the example of a great European hotel, the Belmond Reid's Palace of Madeira. After 125 years of activity, the hotel has maintained the elegance, sobriety and composure that made George Bernard Shaw and the English aristocracy fall in love with the place.
Viewpoint from Belmond Reid's Palace
The hotel welcomes the only children's club on the island, with its own fairy tale cottage, a dedicated swimming pool and team of nannies. For the more adult guests, there are, among the numerous amenities, a luxurious spa, Michelin starred restaurant and guided tours to the historic wineries, famous for the production of the iconic Madeira wine. Baudelaire did not have time to visit it, nor perhaps the money to afford it, but he would have loved its order, beauty, calm and voluptuousness.

The essence of a place is also enhanced by the uniqueness of the experiences it offers. Notwithstanding how much fun it may be to ski in the desert or to club on the shores of Mallorca, it is fascinating to discover the secrets of a place shrouded in history. At the cost of sounding like a snob, the unique culture of a place cannot be sacrificed to a uniform offer. This is true not only for Reid’s Palace, and Belmond knows it.

Belmond Reid's Palace Interiors
The experiences that its guests can live are an immersion in the authenticity of the art, in the local gastronomy and in all the different types of relaxation that a place can offer. From an early morning excursion to see the sunrise on Pico do Areiro to a day inside a local atelier culminating with a Michelin starred feast, the concept of well-being is developed in every aspect, and reassembled to allow guests to choose how many and which ways to feel good.

Step into a world of timeless elegance

Belmond and Wellness à la carte

During the Wellness Week, Belmond and Technogym presented Wellness à la Carte, the new service powered by Technogym and reserved for guests of Belmond Reid's Palace only. During their stay, hotel guests willing to train will be able to choose from a menu in their rooms the equipment to train with, as well as training routines to carry out in the privacy of their rooms. Every training format will include the Technogym Wellness Tools set.
The Wellness Tools are a set of Technogym equipment, which allows a complete functional workout. The set includes:

  • The Wellness Ball Active Sitting: Technogym's iconic Wellness Ball, which can be used for exercise and active sitting, to tone and define the lower and core muscles.
  • The Wellness Pad: the mat with printed exercises, to be combined with other tools for additional physical exercises or as a comfortable mat for stretching and yoga.
  • The Free Weights Kit: a functional and attractively designed dumbbell and kettlebell kit to achieve your fitness goals in comfort and safety.
If functional training is not enough, guests at Belmond Reid's Palace can choose to add to their training SKILLBIKE, Technogym's revolutionary stationary bike with a unique design, designed for cyclists and designed to maximize the effectiveness of indoor training.

All the Belmond routes

We cannot talk about Belmond without mentioning some of its most famous routes and destinations. The Venice-Simplon Orient-Express, with its restored 1920s and 1930s cars, has returned to Europe thanks to Belmond, with the glamorous original art deco, an itinerating restaurant with a menu changing based on the location of the train, for the perfect Instagram journey.
Elegance is in the details
However, Europe is not the only route to Belmond. For those who love the open spaces and endless skies of South America, the Belmond Hiram Bingham train - named after the discoverer of the citadel of Machu Picchu - crosses the Sacred Valley of the Incas and is the perfect setting for elegant and unique travelling experiences.
If you always have a Kipling’s book on your bedside table, you may want to know more about the Eastern & Oriental Express, which takes travellers to explore the most fascinating places in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, between the silken and traditional Asian furnishings of the wagons and the restaurant devoted to the finest fusion cuisine.

That the journey matters more than the destination is now a meme-worthy cliché, a dream more difficult to realize the faster the means of transport become. Only when we really start to look out we slow down and we promise ourselves to take the longest roads more often, to live calmly.

A hidden Paradise
However, we know that often we cannot, and we thus must adapt our pace to that of the world around us. To escape our frenetic everyday life we can seek for protected spaces, where there is time to silence the rest and to find ourselves.

These spaces are called oases

Entering the gardens of Belmond hotels, either Mediterranean with a scent of myrtle or Nordic with the colours of heathers and columbines, the impression is that of entering an oasis of serenity preserved intact, but able to evolve.

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