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The decisive moment in baseball

by Egle Damini / LUZ
When I first took part in the World Cup two years ago, it was the most intense moment of my life as a sportsman. I played among professionals, in front of thousands of spectators. I was very agitated and didn't know what to do, then I said to myself: "You've already done it a thousand times, it's just the field that's different. Play as you can and with that thought I started the game".
Sebastiano Poma in action with the jersey of the Italian national team
Sebastiano Poma speaks and the world cup to which he refers is the World Baseball Classic, the most important baseball competition organised by the International Baseball Federation.

Born in 1993, Sebastiano Poma made his debut in Serie A1 at the age of 18 with Parma after a childhood spent on the baseball fields of Collecchio. The passion for the "diamond"? Received in inheritance from his father. “I approached this sport thanks to my parents, who are former players," says Sebastiano Poma, "but they never forced me. I also tried other sports such as basketball and handball, strangely not football, but in the end, I chose baseball".

Sebastiano Poma's career

As we have just written, Sebastiano Poma's career starts early. The baseball player, with a left-handed external role, grew up between Parma and Collecchio and in 2008 joined the FIBS Academy in Tirrenia. He made his debut at the age of 18 in IBL (the Italian Baseball Serie A) with Parma Baseball, playing three games of the 2011 championship and in the following year, he settled definitively in the first team. With the Gialloblu team, he remains until and including the 2015 season.
Batting can be a decisive moment in a game
2015 has been a magical year for his career: Sebastiano Poma joins the All-Star Europe selection, engaged in the Asia Winter Baseball League in Taiwan and coached by Gilberto Gerali, his former manager in Parma.

Since the 2016 season, Sebastiano Poma has been in the hands of the Titan team, the San Marino Baseball. In his first season with the Titan team, he closed the regular season with the best batting average of the whole IBL 2016 (.369). Despite this, the team did not reach the championship finals.

The time of the runner's arrival
The 2016 European Championships were his first major appointment with the Italian national team. In March 2017 he played his first World Baseball Classic. He returned to Parma in 2018, the same year in which his father Gianguido took on the role of team manager.

Now before the launch, that is the moment when you decide whether to bat-three, you must be ready to instantly evaluate various options and strategies

I also tried other sports like basketball and handball, strangely not football, but in the end I chose baseball. Sebasatian Poma

Sebastiano Poma is a son of art. His father Gianguido won Championships and Champions' Cups playing in Bologna and Parma in the 80s and 90s, in the second base and inter-base roles. His mother, Simona Gennari, also had a past in the top flight in Parma, as a catcher for the local softball team.

Italy, a football-centric country

Currently, there is a lot of movement around this sport in Italy, everything is growing.

Sebastiano Poma explains that Italy is a football-centric country and therefore it is normal that 9 out of 10 boys are more inclined to choose football as a sport. But we are working to move things, points out Sebastiano Poma. We go to schools, we take part in events related to the city and we are twinned with other sports. Yes, even with football! We aim to make ourselves known more and more and we would like to arouse passion and interest.

Launcher in action
Our society in Parma is committed daily to make itself known and appreciated, but we are not the only ones, currently, the most active Italian cities in addition to ours are Rimini and San Marino but also in Tuscany and Friuli there is a strong tradition.

Baseball in Italy, an increasingly structured discipline

In the last decade, Italian baseball has changed a lot, becoming an increasingly structured discipline. The three championship levels, with the IBL teams at the top, followed by the second level and the Under 21, helping the movement of the players even during a season according to their preparation and their skill. This means that a particularly gifted young Under-21 player in the same season can easily move to a Serie A team.
Receiver attempts desperate rescue of the ball
This is the case with Sebastiano.

The decisive moment of a baseball game

There is a fundamental moment in baseball: when you must decide on the game, in technical terms. It means that when a player is at bat, his action, derived from the decision he makes, can determine the fate of the entire game. Now before the throw, that is the moment when you decide whether to beat or not, you must be ready to instantly evaluate various options and strategies. The readiness of the choice comes from experience and how you approach the game. Then the time comes.

The moment before the launch, when you decide whether to beat or not, you must be ready to instantly evaluate various options and strategies.

There are a few hundredths of a second between the throw and the response action and in that very short period, you must be able to make a decision that will determine the outcome of the game. There is no time to think, that's why in a game it's important that all the training did come out, only then can your reaction be automatic and winning. "The secret is this - adds Sebastiano Poma - in training I always think about the situation that may happen to me in the game."

Sebastiano Poma today

The game of baseball is also increasingly widespread in Europe
Currently, in addition to studying for a master's degree in motor sciences, Sebastiano Poma is preparing for the Championship and for the various events that will take place next year. Also, in view of the Olympics. Sebastiano is working hard for his future: "Of course I would like to stay in the national team and maybe take home some titles. Now I don't see myself as a coach, but in the future, who knows, anything is possible".

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