Autumn: golden season for SPAs

At the change of each season, changes in temperatures, light and daily rhythms can wreak havoc and lead to discomfort, in the body such as: insomnia, irritability and hypertension which are commonly identified as seasonal affective disorders or SAD.
The predominant manifestation is the winter form in which depressive symptoms, beginning during the autumn season, culminates in maximum intensity during the cold months and resolves, partially or totally only at the beginning of the spring season.
There is also a summer form of seasonal affective disorder, during which the episodes manifest themselves at the beginning of spring and reach their peak in the summer, tending to resolve with the beginning of autumn.
Other symptoms of the disorder in the winter version are sad mood and asthenia; people may feel sad, irritable, tired and lethargic, cry frequently and have great difficulty in concentrating. The most obvious symptomatology is that linked to the decrease in energy. This inevitably leads to a decrease in normal activity levels, which, as a consequence increases desire for carbohydrates and sugars, which leads to an inevitable increase in weight.

It was also shown that people with seasonal affective disorder have difficulty regulating serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for stabilizing mood, and SERT levels, the protein that carries serotonin. In patients suffering from this disorder, SERT levels increase as the hours of light decrease with less serotonin activity, thus causing depressive symptoms.

Using spas or wellness centres as a pathway for relaxation

Using SPA-WELLNESS can be a great support in dealing with most of the symptomatology of this disorder and to provide an indispensable service to SAD sufferers.
spa design
In order to be attractive, it is therefore important to study those aspects related to the environment and to adapt and theme your wellness area by making it welcoming, with appropriate lighting and paying particular attention to aromas, food, drinks and cosmetic products.
The path will also give precise and useful indications on complementary programs with low impact for muscle activation, which improve circulation and reoxygenation of the body, without adversely affecting pressure but lowering levels of tension and stress.
Offering comprehensive wellness proposals is the only way to involve and retain the customer and achieve quick and lasting results for the whole season. For example, two of the most felt symptoms: sleepiness and stress-hypertension, should be addressed through complete and structured proposals that, at least, develop on these 6 aspects and integrating them reciprocally.
Furthermore, let's not forget that the summer season will certainly have left some marks on the skin affecting the aesthetic aspect but also the health itself. This type of structured approach and an objective history, preferably carried out with a skin tester, will provide useful parameters of the reported damage and specific indications on the protocol to be used. Precisely on these principles, it is possible, or better, to base the proposals of SPA treatments for cabin treatments, with the aim of solving objective problems by stimulating and welcoming the client during the recovery period.

Moving on from the emotional to the purely aesthetic aspect, therefore, it should not be forgotten how important those special facial treatments are for restoring the level of hydration by using hyaluronic acid, which enriches the hydrolipidic film of the skin, bringing it back to optimal values.

How to choose your own treatment

The treatments proposed in this season will also have to follow a changing season and be stimulating and contextualized to the changing needs of guests. It is therefore necessary first to: abandon the standard offer proposed by the menu and, through a well-studied and timely communication plan, identify formulas and unique offers.

In order to communicate the new message effectively, the keywords must be based on specific expressions such as: eliminating toxins, strengthening the body, preparing for winter, relaxing and rehydrating the skin, regaining peace and quiet during the holiday period, recovering energy, repairing damage... etc.

Water, Heat and Replacement

Looking at the proposal concerning the pool and saunas area, i. e. the one that follows the principle of alternation between water, heat and rest; this must be transitioned correctly, in order to enhance its benefits by exploiting the alternation and duration of these three phases. The sauna route in fact becomes a wellness path when you use the effect of vasodilatation (caused by the heat) of vasoconstriction (caused by the cold) with the aim of "training" the body at changes in temperature.

This skillful use of the rituals carried out at weekly cycles, if well conducted, is sufficient to make the toxins and waste of the skin transpire and eliminate in a profound way, adapting the whole organism to sudden changes in temperature.

Among the activities to be organised with the aim of prolonging the summer benefits, include the introduction of salt caves. These treatments based on salt and vitamin-based supplements help to strengthen immune defences, as well as the setting of moments of emotional management through the study and recovery of the correct respiratory techniques, through real breathing laboratories.

If the proposal, in fact, besides being functional, has as its objective to make a culture of wellbeing, it will certainly be very appreciated. We use all the resources of our centre so that the time spent in our surroundings continues to bring the benefits that feel like a short holiday.

Reintegrating Path

Another example is an 80-minute reintegrating path, which includes a skin preparation through detoxification and deep purification in the sauna and wet wipes for a light and gentle scrub of the body. This will be followed by a reactivation of the circulation with fresh and cold showers and a relaxing break with rehydrating treatment for the body; accompanying the whole experience with soft drinks rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The latter proposal foresees that the operator is engaged no more than 40 minutes in the cabin, so that it becomes convenient and available at a good price.

Wine therapy

If we want to theme the route differently with seasonal elements, we can resort to an autumn food with unmistakable characteristics and properties and markedly therapeutic connotations: the GRAPE.

Wine Therapy, in fact, used since ancient Greece, is a combination of therapies based on the use of derivatives of the vine (grape, leaves, wine). It contains resveratrol which is a phenol found in the skin of the grape berry, to which is the action of blood fluidification is attributed. The antioxidants contained in wine also have the property of neutralizing free radicals, which are responsible for the oxidation of skin cells and therefore for aging.

An excellent wine-therapy anti-aging treatment lasting about 120 minutes begins with a grape peeling to prepare the skin, eliminate dead cells and dilate pores so that when you perform the massage with grape oil and grape pips, grape mousse pack and bath, the properties of the wine will be more penetrating.

The wines most commonly used during these practices are:

  • Lambrusco which has reintegrating properties (mineral salts)
  • Sauvignon offering a soothing effect
  • Chianti that has relaxing properties
  • Merlot with recognised purifying properties
grape blossoms
The proposal for this new season, therefore, to be successful, will have to respond to 3 fundamental characteristics:

  • Seasonality
  • Functionality of treatments
  • Completeness of the routes

There should be plenty of room for fantasy and getting in tune with emotions!

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