From athleisure to wellness: how movement and well-being became trendy

As early as 2016, the fashion world had begun to realize that athleisure would be one of the most exciting (and comfortable) fashion trends to date. Today, however, it seems as if dressing like you are going to the gym even if you are not, is something even more significant: a radical change in the way people understand and relate to clothing.
Some people think that everything started in 2012, in London, when the atmosphere of the Olympics had made people feel free to dress up as if they were always going to a gym or a jogging session. Others point their fingers at the visionaries of haute couture, who already in 2014 had pushed themselves to match sneakers with their luxurious dresses. Then there are those who believe that neither the athletes of the Olympics nor the most established designers have launched fashion, and that it is perhaps not possible to identify its creation.
Anyway, today you just have to look around while walking down the streets of any city to realize: athleisure is the new casual.

The buzzword is comfort

The idea of what is appropriate to wear, from leisure time to a work outfit, has changed radically: sneakers are okay, sweatshirts are okay, and even wearing clothes in Lycra is fine. It all comes down to comfortable clothing.
Dressing clothes that make people feel at ease, are not uncomfortable and last for a long time seems to have become the priority for many people, who don't want to give up style anyway. And so it is fashion that has to adapt to new needs, changing its canons and putting creativity into play in creating versatile, comfortable and durable materials using cool models.
In 2015 alone, sales in the technical apparel sector for sports activities increased by 12%. It should be stressed that technical clothing and athleisure are not really synonymous: when we say "athleisure" we refer to clothes that have not been made to respond to a specific function, and that have versatility as their point of strength.
There is a report created by the NPD Group to confirm the overall impression: that the category of consumers who, more than any other, guarantees the ongoing success of the sports shoes market are those who buy them to wear them in their spare time. In short, it's no longer (only) athletes who buy sports shoes, so comfort has become almost more important than supporting good performance.

Movement and wellness are the real trends

So you may have just discovered that you don't have to worry about what you wear to go to work and are now wondering who to thank for the wonderful news? A suggestion: give your gratitude to wellness.
The year of 2018 has already been proclaimed "The Year of Wellness".  Healthy lifestyle trends that have characterized these last few years don’t seem to be disappearing, on the contrary: in 2018 it is expected to reach its peak. The fashion companies have no doubt: the search for the healthiest possible lifestyle has reached everyone. On the other hand, one only has to look at the proliferation of content on the web dedicated to the theme to be convinced of its popularity. New pages and social personalities dedicated to wellness turn up every day, and their followers continue to increase.
Thus, fashion has also taken this path, aware of the fact that, when we talk about wellness, we refer to a very broad concept of "feeling good", where even clothing can find its own space. So much so that we are beginning to hear rumors about overcoming the idea of athleisure, in favour of a much wider idea that connects the well-dressed to the good life.
That means just one thing: leggings and sneakers can be worn out almost everywhere, but the real trend is to eat well, take care of our bodies and make movement a daily part of our lives, for good.

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