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Fitness centre: 4 effective actions of a proactive salesperson

The battle against the sedentary attitude of modern man contemplates the need to convince non-practitioners to begin a path of physical exercise that can improve their health and lifestyle. Resistance (mainly excuses) to overcome can sometimes be too high and the hopelessness felt by the owners of fitness centers becomes an easy prediction.
No service is sold on its own, let alone enrolling in a program of physical exercise that requires perseverance and commitment to achieve results, especially when they are to break down the internal detractors present in human nature.

When brand new customers make the huge effort to cross the threshold of a fitness club for the first time, they deserve to be supported in their battle and guided in making a buying decision that could "seriously benefit their health".

Rationally, there are no valid reasons not to register.

5 valid reasons to stay enrolled

Beyond the natural resistance that customers have to physical activity, here is a series of conditions that usually help a customer to stay after the trial period:

  • The centre is conveniently close to your home or workplace
  • The premises are spacious, safe and clean: the quality standards continuously improves
  • The price is affordable: especially when compared to other services or products that can improve quality of life
  • Schedules are convenient: all clubs provide continuous hours from early morning to late evening during the week and also during the weekend
  • The offer is wide ranging - through proposals for individual or group training and being to choose activities most suited to the majority of users.

Despite these conditions, what are the reasons why the reception desks of the centre are not always busy and why isn’t commonplace to have the much-desired waiting list always on?

It can be better to focus on longer subscription periods that commit for a sufficient time to create the mechanism of gratification associated with the achievement of results and therefore the adoption of physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle as opposed to shorter term contracts which give the user a reason to give up on their goals once the period has ended.

How to avoid customer abandonment within the commercial sector

The first option could be to remove short and/or pay-per-use formulas from the price list with the risk of excessively raising barriers to entry and consequently providing an additional easy excuse not to start.

The other possibility involves a sales consultant: a professional figure who is able to listen, empathise, motivate and support enrollment by matching (rather than subscribing) the user’s needs, characteristics and objectives to the different proposals for activities, times and duration of services of the centre.

4 proactive and effective actions of a fitness sales staff

It is that also in this sector we started to talk about self-production: Below are some of the opportunities from the proactive work of the sales staff that can help generate a number of registrations in a natural way through communicative actions which spontaneous word of mouth can’t always guarantee.

- obtaining referrals, i.e. contacts of friends or relatives of members who could potentially be interested in enrolling in a fitness centre. This is a very important foundation given the volatility of our sector and is a channel that certainly deserves an in-depth article dedicated to it.

- qualified telemarketing activities not to be confused with cold and non-directory telephone calls typical of call centre activities, but with a respectful scheduling of telephone contacts in terms of time and methods that may involve those who have come to know about the centre but who, for different reasons, are not subscribers. A classic example are those who have requested information but have not registered, or former members of the centre to whom the service has expired for a certain period and have not returned. In both cases, as well as for all leads that enter the centre's database, it is absolutely necessary to establish a contact program that respects times and communication boundaries, to avoid falling into the error of insistence and thus a de-qualification of the service.

  • Outreach initiatives, i.e. outdoor events to gather contacts of people interested in the fitness service. This topic also deserves a dedicated study, but it must be clear that the possibility of external interaction offered by our sector is unique and unparalleled and when the spontaneous entrances are not enough and the other tanks of opportunity are exhausted then it is time to go outside and reach the majority that still doesn’t attend.
  • Collaboration with companies and retailers to ensure that their employees or customers can receive the opportunity to consult on the physical exercise program best suited to their characteristics. So not just conventions (which typically have little success) but real collaborations that go through events dedicated to the company or activities of co-marketing and mutual active presence with the commercial activities present in the strategic isochrony of the fitness centre.

Events outside gyms in target locations help the sales force collect leads.

These channels, now consolidated but not always exploited in the best way, offer the sales team consultants the opportunity to get in touch with a volume of people who can represent the result equivalent to the number of members who have crossed the threshold of the centre spontaneously. These activities can double the number of new members of the centre that don’t apply with the traditional method and with the “proper management” of the sales department.

According to this interpretation, therefore, it becomes easier to consider an investment, rather than an expense, the inclusion and management of professionals dedicated to the sale. However, it is easy to understand that all this is extremely different from associating people waiting for spontaneous entry by potential members.

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