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The 5 best cities in the world to discover by running

Running is the most practiced aerobic activity and offers a long series of well-known benefits: among the best known include calorie expenditure, the production of serotonin, the so-called "hormone of good mood", and the improvement of the immune system. Running also has positive effects on the level of stress and mental state, so it is also an excellent ally against jet lag and helps to overcome more quickly the temporary imbalance due to the change of time zone. What better activity to recommend to those who love to travel?

Running connects you to wherever you are.

Sarah Attar, the Olympic marathon runner who represented Saudi Arabia at the London and Rio de Janeiro Olympics, considers running the perfect way to discover a new place or city. In particular, running in the city seems to be an increasingly widespread trend, and not only for the already known benefits of physical activity.
As well as being healthy and invigorating, running allows you to socialise and discover new nuances of the place thanks to local runners and their advice. There are real organised tours, for professional and non-professional runners, for families, groups of friends, solo travellers, which can be customised according to the needs and requirements of customers. City running tours, for example, founded in 2005 in New York City by Michael Gazaleh, is an activity that covers the whole world and allows you to explore the various tourist destinations in this unusual but extremely fun way of running in the city.

Discovering the best cities running

Even for Becky Wade, a professional marathon runner, there is no better way to discover an unknown place than by running.

At the top for runners: New York City

At the top of the five destinations that should be explored while enjoying an invigorating ride in the city, there is obviously the chaotic and varied New York City: in autumn and spring running in Central Park is a constant discovery of colours, scents, hidden corners, bridges that have appeared in some romantic movies, hungry squirrels and much more.
Follow the Hudson River or enter the internal crossroads: in Central Park there are paved roads and safe lanes for runners, pedestrians and cyclists. The complete tour of the park is almost 8km but there are 5km tours that follow the attractions inside and allow tourists to train without getting too tired. The best time to run in the city choosing Central Park is definitely early in the morning, because you avoid the crowds of tourists that crowd it during the day.

Budapest: an itinerary for all types of runners

Another destination to explore with a run in the city is Budapest, which offers less experienced runners the beautiful Margaret Island and the more resistant trailrunners the path on the mountain Budai, which allows you to reach the Belvedere Erzsébet. Not only that, the City Park (Városliget in Hungarian) is ideal for training that does not give up places of interest for tourists: following the streets outside the park (for a total of 3.6 km) you can reach the Heroes' Square, the Zoo and the famous Terme Széchenyi, where you can catch your breath and relax after your run.
For more demanding training you can go into the hill Gellért, located right in the heart of Buda, starting from the valley. There is a difference in height of 130 meters but the path, interspersed with stairs and gardens, leads to one of the most beautiful views of the Danube, from which to enjoy the view of the city and its beautiful buildings.

Berlin: the European capital of running

Berlin, which can boast the title of European running city, also deserves a "tourist" run to discover its attractions. Its particular architectural concept seems designed for runners; being flat and boasting wide and green streets and avenues, it abounds in tours that allow tourists to run in the city. In addition to the famous 42 km route, you can also explore the German capital by following several routes: the Tiergarten route winds its way through the city's monuments, from the Victory Column to the Brandenburg Gate.
You can also reach Shonhausen, the largest castle in the city, and enter the park that surrounds it: following the perimeter of the green area you travel 4 km. For nature lovers, running in the Grunewald forest is an invaluable experience; with its 3,000 hectares, it offers plenty of choice for both novice and experienced runners. For orientation, and to avoid getting lost, it is best to follow the dirt roads that surround the lakes in the forest: the one around the Grunwaldee See is 2.5 km while the paths of Lakes Krumme and Schlachtensee reach 4 and 8 km respectively.

Running in Tokyo

The capital of Japan is another ideal destination for running enthusiasts: Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world but, despite being very chaotic, offers beautiful places to enjoy the peace and quiet after a workout to discover its wonders.
Although several itineraries are necessary to visit the main monuments of the city, there are two that are interesting for both places of interest and nature: the first starts from one of the gates of the Meiji Shrine and winds in the Yoyogi Park, whose inner perimeter stops at 1.8 km while the outer one reaches 3 km; the second winds within the Imperial Park, where the route from Running Tourist in spring is one of the most beautiful in the world, thanks to the blossoming of the cherry trees and their indescribable colour.

The city you can't miss: London

If you're talking about running in the city, you can't miss London, with its 3,000 parks and 3.8 million gardens. From Hyde Park to Regent's Park, passing through Camden Town, Hampstead Hill, Notting Hill and Green Park. City running is definitely a favourite sport for Londoners and tourists alike who want to explore the city in the midst of greenery.

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