Everything you need to know to improve posture

How many of you are obsessed with trying to improve posture? Is it the echo of your mother's voice that reassures you "Stand upright" or the pains you feel in the evening when you put yourself to bed? Or that knee noise when you get out of your chair? Even if not all the pains are due to "bad posture", it is still possible to improve posture.

What do you talk about when referring to posture? Posture is defined as the position of the human body in space and the relative relationship between its body segments. A correct posture is instead the coherent deformation of gravity. In other words, the most correct position that our body takes to counter gravity with the least expenditure of energy both when walking and when standing still.

Not always, however, if you suffer from back pains, this is a problem related to the position that you usually take. It could be suffering from stress and bad habits. The way you sit and walk is one of the strongest habits of all, because they have their roots in the personality of each one and changing them could be almost as difficult as quitting smoking.

10 suggestions to improve posture

Often you don't notice the bad posture until you get up and feel pain or, even worse, when someone else points it out. To prevent this from happening, there are a few small measures to be taken and in particular techniques to maintain the right posture while sitting, especially useful for those who do a sedentary job and are therefore stuck at the desk for a long time.

1. Sit with your back straight and your shoulders back. Buttocks should touch the back of the chair.
2. Use a small rolled towel to keep the normal curves in your back.
3. Sit at the end of the chair.
4. Distribute the body weight evenly over both sides.
5. Bend your knees at right angles and keep them even higher than your hips. In such cases, a footrest or stool is useful. Your legs should not be crossed.

6. Keep your feet on the ground.
7. Try to avoid the same position while sitting for more than 30 minutes.
8. Adjust the height of the chair and the workstation so that you can rest your elbows and forearms on the armrests or desk and your shoulders are relaxed.
9. Avoid twisting yourself from a seated position to retrieve distant objects. Trying to turn the whole body instead of the other way around.
10. When you want to stand up from the sitting position, move first to the front of the  seat and straighten your legs.

The benefits of a correct posture

Why is important to improve posture? Assuming a correct posture brings with it a lot of benefits for the body and the spirit. First of all, it helps to prevent pain: back pain, neck, jaw and other body part pain. When you don't take a correct posture, your back suffers because it is constantly put under strain and, even if they don't make themselves felt in the short term, the effects will certainly come in the medium to long term.
Another benefit is the incredible increase in energy. People who take a bad posture constantly feel tired and exhausted and are unable to work efficiently or move properly. The correct posture promotes circulation because it does not strain the muscles and makes the blood flow correctly. A good posture makes us look good. Try taking a picture of yourself before correcting your posture and after doing so. You cannot deny the effect that taking a correct position has on your body. It makes you look taller and thinner, to put it bluntly. The spirit should not be overlooked as well. A correct posture stimulates positivity. It is very rare to see someone in a good posture without confidence.

Do you want to feel better? Work on your posture and you will notice an improvement in your happiness.

Another reason: breathe better. It is no coincidence that disciplines such as yoga focus as much on posture as on breathing exercises. A good posture will open the chest cavity and lungs, helping you to breathe properly. Another benefit: improved concentration. Taking a better position helps to breathe better and to ensure that more oxygen reaches the brain. Correct posture promotes balance, meaning better control over the body and the way it moves.

Improve posture with Wellness Ball Active Sitting

Wellness Ball Active Sitting is the ball that allows you to perform effortlessly and in a small space exercises of muscle strengthening, toning and stretching. By using the ball on a daily basis for shorts periods of time, your back performs a series of micro movements to improve the action of stabilization of the spine carried out by the abdominal and lumbar muscles. Thanks to its simplicity, it is the ball itself that induces you to take the correct position to obtain the benefits.
Using Wellness Ball Active Sitting you can assume a correct posture, contributing to the prevention of back problems and eliminating one of the main causes of pain: maintaining a static position for long periods of time.

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