Sport & Performance Congress 2019: Technogym at the forefront of new trends and researches in Strength Training


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Physical activity: the WHO Global Action Plan

6 '

Rediscovery of ancient grains

Editor's choice

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5 interesting sport idioms that can be used in everyday life

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From Darth Vader to Antonio Banderas, fencing in the greatest duels of literature and cinema

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Skillbike wins the 2019 iF Design Award

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Monday blues: what are they, how they affect us and how we can defeat them to take our week back to a great start


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Technogym Wellness Partner of the Superyacht Design Symposium in Cortina

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Technogym joins Life Time as Official Sponsor of 2019 Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half marathon

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Technogym in Davos at the World Economic Forum

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Sport and design at IMM 2019 in Cologne

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Technogym wins the Good Design Award 2018 with SKILLBIKE

4 '

Technogym opens its Wellness Store in Madrid


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How much water to drink a day and how to remember to do it

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A brief history of Muscle Beach, the cradle of American fitness culture

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Why zero waste is an important trend to save the planet (and save money)

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Parkour and new urban sports: the art of movement

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Travelling to discover: cultural tourism

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The rebirth of calligraphy: beautiful handwriting that makes our body and mind healthy and relaxed

Let's Move For a Better World

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Let’s Move for a Better World 2019: make a difference and join the movement

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10 things you should know about obesity

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Let's Move for a Better World, the health club industry to the rescue!

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Let’s Move For a Better World 2019: join the social cause campaign

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