Muscle development: how to optimize your workout with the right protein diet


6 '

Isokinetic Conference 2019: football medicine meets the world of sport

7 '

The advantages of training antagonistic muscles with supersets: from body building to the new Selection 700 Line

Editor's choice

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Norseman, uberman and the most extreme disciplines of triathlon

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Being well to work well: the importance of corporate wellness

29 '

The success of women's football is tangible all over the world

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Wellness Valley: Romagna is the Italian region with the most active population


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Technogym takes wellness to Berlin with a shop in shop in KaDeWe

3 '

Technogym is the technical supplier to the Nove Colli

3 '

New Biocircuit Zone launched with Everybody Sport and Recreation

3 '

Technogym opens its new showroom in Malaysia

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Technogym’s Wellness Design inspires the workspace of the future with Elle Decor

3 '

SUPERHOTEL hosts Technogym’s Wellness Design

Training Floor

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Fitness stories: Marco and the workout program to overcome obesity

20 '

Why HIIT is extremely effective in overweight and obese young people

10 '

Heart rate and training: the variables to be considered

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Athlete's coaching: 6 useful tips for motivation training


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5 tips for getting the most out of Lagom lifestyle

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Everything you need to know about Giro d'Italia 2019

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"And thence we came forth to see again the stars": worldwide regattas not to be missed in 2019

6 '

The truth about mixed martial arts

14 '

Sarah Thomas, the first woman referee in American football and her six colleagues pioneering the gender equality

7 '

When drinking water is not enough - how to maintain the right level of hydration for the best performance

Let's Move For a Better World

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Let’s Move for a Better Word: exercise is good for you and for the community

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Record numbers for Let's Move for a Better World 2019

3 '

Let’s Move for a Better World 2019: make a difference and join the movement

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10 things you should know about obesity

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