Combines Innovative Connected Functionality and Design, for Unmatched Levels of Comfort and Performance 

NEW YORK, NY –January 26, 2015 - Technogym (, a worldwide leader in health and wellness, today announced the launch of Group Cycle Connect: a connected, interactive and immersive indoor cycling experience. The revolutionary bike, powered by the rider’s motion through an innovative battery-free system accurately tracks heart rate, cadence, calories, and more, displayed directly on the bike’s console. The Group Cycle App, connected to Technogym mywellness cloud-based platform, allows users to seamlessly track their performance to help reach fitness goals.  Group Cycle Connect also enables trainers to customize classes driving peak performance, and is a turnkey solution for fitness facilities, spas, hotels and universities wishing to provide a boutique cycle studio experience.

 Technogym Group Cycle Connect, is the most outstanding riding experience on the market, providing a real road cycling sensation, immersive content and inspirational environment so riders can fully track, see, hear and feel the smooth and secure ride,” said Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder, Technogym.  “People want adventure and excitement, engagement and motivation, and when it comes to class activities they look for connectivity and shared experiences.  Group Cycle Connect delivers on all fronts.”

The Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas is the first property to fully install the Group Cycle Connect system from Technogym.  Said Robin Scott, Athletic Director, "We are very excited and honored to be the first facility in the United States to offer the Technogym Group Cycle experience.  Our members and guests are raving about the superb ride, available performance data, high tech visuals, and amazing sound quality - all combining to create a world class group cycling experience."

Technogym Group Cycle Connect will officially be available in the United States beginning January 2016.

 For Facilities

Group Cycle Connect, a full turnkey solution, provides an intimate boutique studio experience for fitness facilities, spas, hotels and universities. Technogym mywellness cloud-based platform stores the key information on members’ workouts, class success, staff efficiency and equipment usage. This allows fitness facilities to expand their business potential and create customized classes and programs that satisfy clients’ individual needs.

 For Trainers

With UNITY™ SELF – with the interactive touch screen kiosk, trainers can easily lead and manage the Group Cycle class, monitoring overall class performance and making real-time adjustments to the workout. Trainers drive peak performance by seamlessly selecting metrics and viewing modes while managing music, video and microphone audio with only one touch. The simplicity of

operation also enables trainers to fully engage with their class to provide personalized feedback and motivation as well as share the power of the team ride, by selecting the class performance view, accessed through

Post ride, users will be able to access their performance data and results on their Group Cycle consoles as well as via the Group Cycle App available for download on their mobile devices to compare results on the go.


Key Features of Technogym Group Cycle Connect include:

CONTROL CONSOLE - The new self-powered Console is powered by the rider’s motion through an innovative battery-free system connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. Its LCD display is fully enclosed within a splash-proof casing to keep moisture out, and is LED-backlit, ensuring high-contrast visibility to the user, even in dark gym environments. The console also provides a continuous heart rate reading from a Bluetooth Smart heart rate chest strap.

ACCURATE DATA TRACKING - Group Cycle Connect provides scientific tracking of the power output (watts) with a +/- 2% accuracy, enabling riders to track the most accurate fitness data available to them.  This includes heart rate, elapsed time, speed, calorie consumption, distance covered, maximum cadence and maximum power reached, and total MOVEs. Riders can easily log-into their personal profiles through the mywellness cloud to track performance and compare results over time.

EASY SETTINGS - Group Cycle Connect easy to use, patent pending ‘On-The-Fly Settings’ enable four-way adjustments in ride with one simple touch providing optimal cycling positions for all riders. The flywheel resistance system is equipped with a magnetic resistance knob that displays intuitive graphics and provides tactile feedback every 45° as riders make adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy and precise. The selected resistance level is displayed on the Console. This can all be adjusted as the riders’ exercise on the bike so it doesn’t disrupt their ride.

NATURAL FEELING - Group Cycle Connect provides the smoothest and most consistent ride replicating an outdoor road bike feel due to the reduced Q factor, frictionless poly v-belt and calibration free power readout. Group Cycle Connect is available in yellow and light grey each with a splash-proof frame casing.

FACILITY DESIGN AND MARKETING SUPPORT - Technogym experts can help facilities create the ideal layout with a visually powerful environment that will inspire riders and promote a vibrant atmosphere. Whatever the size of the space Technogym can customize a Group Cycle layout to suit. From the number and arrangement of the bikes to the placement of the trainer stage and accompanying visual graphics.

To learn more, and for a full list of features and functionality, please download the brochure.