Technogym & EuropeActive Together for promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing

Technogym & EuropeActive Together for promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing

Technogym is collaborating with EuropeActive towards the completion of the PAHA project – promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing. EuropeActive is a European organization, which promotes physical activity amongst European citizens, with the claim: “More people, more active, more often”.

Europe is facing a serious demographic challenge: the number of people aged 65+ will double over the next 50 years, putting an enormous pressure on the European health care and social security systems. Disease prevention and health promotion through physical activity can help Europe’s older generations remain independent and maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible.

Through a specific study on 1200 adults between the age of 55-65 years old, based on a supervised and structured program for senior citizens, PAHA project (Physical Activity and Health in Ageing) intends to turn currently inactive people into regular exercisers, at a level that is beneficial to their health, supporting the EU guidelines on Physical Activity and the European Week of Sport. In each one of the 8 project partner countries – Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom – 3 fitness centers run 3 trial sessions of supervised exercise of a 6 weeks duration, with 15 participants per session. For that purpose, the fitness coaches, instructors and other community workers involved in the project, will receive specific training on both motivational skills and in active ageing promotion.

For over 30 years Technogym has been committed to promoting Wellness, a lifestyle based on regular physical activity, a balanced diet and a positive mental attitude, a typically Italian lifestyle whose roots are to be found in the ancient Roman saying “mens sana in corpore sano”.

In this project, Technogym has provided 1200 Wellness Keys to about 50 elderly people for each facility. People connect their Keys to the different machines and their performances are automatically registered. Besides working out and testing in the gyms, each member of the project is also training outdoors, while still tracking their activity on the Wellness Key. The aim of doing a complete outdoor and indoor study is to give a more specific feedback for a healthy lifestyle.

The entirety of the project is based on data collected from MYWELLNESS CLOUD, Technogym’s cloud computing platform. Technogym’s MyWellness Cloud is the first cloud-computing platform in the wellness and fitness industry able to connect consumers, pieces of equipment and operators and to offer a personalized training experience.

Through this project, Technogym and EuropeActive hope to show that a structured intervention aimed at improving physical activity in the older population has substantial health benefits.