Save time.
Improve retention.
All from your smartphone.


mywellness for professional app

Planning, messaging, scheduling: your smartphone already helps you manage your personal life every day. With the mywellness for Professionals app you bring the same tools to your work life.

Never miss an appointment

As you open the app, the list of your daily tasks pops up. Get a helpful reminder of all appointments scheduled by you, your colleagues, or generated by users’ activities.

mywellness for professionals app pops up
mywellness for professionals app to avoid dropout

Get in touch with them when it’s most needed

Commitment to training can decline over time, and when it does, dropout risk increases exponentially. The app displays all the red flags at a glance, prioritizing at-risk people on the spot. Turn risks into opportunities to reconnect, right here, right now.

Catch them as they come in

Get a heads-up the second the client you have an appointment with steps into the facility. With this app’s notifications, your impeccable timing will amaze your clients.

mywellness for professionals app notifications to for a perfect timing

Always be there

Where will you be when they need your guidance? Get in touch with clients easily, inside and outside of the facility, with the in-app chat. Now it’s easy to deliver timely advice to your most demanding clients.

mywellness for professionals in-app chat to guide clients

Programming included

Are you looking to expand your offerings with customized coaching services? Offer tailored programs from your personal library and make your customers feel like you’re taking care of them.

mywellness for professionals tailored programmes

Check their compliance

She should have been training 3 times this week. He should have been doing both the shoulder and chest press. She had 10 reps in her program. Did they all follow your instructions? Check the app to find out.


How was your workout?

Maybe the program was a little too heavy. Or maybe they didn’t like the music in the class. You can’t act if you don’t know: that’s what ratings, exercise results and workout participation are for, and you can review them ALL easily with a simple touch.

check workouts with mywellness for professionals app

Fully booked

Check who booked your group workouts and track participants right from your smartphone. With the dedicated dashboard, you can always keep an eye on your most popular classes and trainers.

check class booking with mywellness for professionals app

How does this all work?

The mywellness suite of professional apps lets you manage crucial aspects of the customer experience right from your smartphone, computer or iPad. It gathers data from the Technogym connected ecosystem to save you precious time and improve interaction with your customers. Follow the link to discover more.