The Pure Line

Built to the highest standards in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety, the Pure collection is the ideal choice for maximizing athletic performance.

Pure Power Training

Pure equipment offers athletes all the freedom, versatility and challenge of free weights, but with an entirely safe environment. Comprised of plate-loaded machines, racks, lifting platforms, and a wide range of benches and free weights, the Pure collection offers premier performance and a truly comprehensive product portfolio for your elite training areas.

Unique to this line

The Pure range - Maximum Muscle Engagement

Maximum muscle engagement

Pure equipment ensures the best movement trajectories and the best workload distributions, thus allowing users to enjoy natural movements while at the same time maximizing muscle engagement and maintaining optimal torque throughout the entire range of motion.

The Pure range - Maximum comfort and ease-of-use

Maximum comfort and ease-of-use

Thanks to the Visual Set Up guides, which ensure the body's correct positioning upon the equipment, and the Ergonomic Pads and Grips, which improve stability and comfort during the workout, Pure equipment allows users to achieve their best performance levels in complete safety and comfort.

The Pure range -Machines designed to last

Machines designed to last

Our machines and components undergo extensive testing at our labs, during which they are subjected to the maximum foreseen number of repetitions in 24 hours, and their maximum workload capacities for set periods of time. In this manner, the products are stressed well beyond their normal usage conditions in order to assess their compliance, endurance, tensile stress, deformation, shock, wear, etc., as well as to ensure maximum durability and reliability over time.