The OMNIA™ Line

MOVE, TRAIN , PLAY: experience the world’s most versatile functional training concept. The OMNIA range brings people together in an interactive and enjoyable manner while striving to reach their training goals.

A turnkey solution for creating engaging functional spaces

As a turnkey solution for functional and ability training, the OMNIA range is an excellent way to attract new clients, and will transform your business thanks to its broad appeal to facility members. With its vast assortment of functional exercise options, accessories, and floor layouts, as well as its adaptability to various ability levels, the OMNIA line brings people together in both an active and interactive manner while striving to achieve their desired results. The OMNIA™ range allows for the creation of an engaging functional space, and lets members explore their true athletic potential.

Unique to this line

The OMNIA range - Open and inviting design

Open and inviting design

Thanks to its reassuring style and user-friendly character, the OMNIA concept helps attract newcomers and less experienced users.

The OMNIA range - Compact for smaller spaces

Compact for smaller spaces

Thanks to its modular design, the OMNIA is a space-efficient solution for dynamic interaction and Personal Training sessions, and is even compact enough for small functional corners in clubs or fitness centers.

The OMNIA range - Brings active people together

Brings active people together

OMNIA brings people together in an active and interactive way. Engaging group sessions are ideal for motivating members to take part in club activities and achieve results more easily, having fun at the same time.

The OMNIA range - Innovative accessories, endless potential

Innovative accessories, endless potential

A wide range of tools and accessories are available to explore all areas of functional and ability training. Ranging from simple tools to more specific accessories, the OMNIA system always finds a way to appeal every type of user, and even features an intuitive set-up system that makes it quick and easy to add and remove accessories.

The OMNIA range - A structured assortment of programs

A structured assortment of programs

Designed by world class experts in close collaboration with Technogym's Scientific Research Department, the OMNIA™ MOVE, TRAIN and PLAY programs make use of Technogym's Ability Training philosophy, which is based on a structured progression through various ability levels.

The OMNIA range - Functional Training app

Functional Training app

The Functional Training app is an extensive exercise library that contains exercises for all types of functional activities, including those designed specifically for OMNIA™ equipment. Trainers are encouraged to use these resources as an unlimited source of inspiration.

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OMNIA is the world’s most versatile functional training concept, and OMNIA³ is the compact floor and wall-mounted version that offers effective and enjoyable training, even in limited spaces.

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OMNIA is the world’s most versatile functional training concept and the OMNIA8 is ideal for various group training activities involving up to eight users at once, all within a well-organized 36 m2 environment.

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Optimize your functional training areas with inspiring OMNIA flooring layouts designed to create a durable and stylish environment for your clients and staff.

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