The Forma Line

Forma cardio products are designed to minimize space and maximize fun and interaction during workouts.

Ergonomically designed for the home

Forma products combine professional-grade structures with ergonomics and safety systems suitable for home use. This results in increased safety and less maintenance. Each individual detail, from the sturdiness of the frame to the new iPad mount, has been designed to render your workout safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Unique to this line

The Forma range - Forma Training Link & App

Forma Training Link & App

Access your favorite content and keep track of your progress with the Forma Training Link and App. Using Bluetooth, you can synchronize your machine with your iPad, while the Forma Training App allows you to check on your training progress from wherever you are.

The Forma range - Monitor your heart rate

Monitor your heart rate

Each piece of equipment in the range comes equipped with a CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) device and telemetric band. The device allows the machine to adjust the workout to the user's pulse rate so they can work to achieve their goals without having to worry about whether the workout is too easy or too difficult.

The Forma range - Professional biomechanics

Professional biomechanics

Every machine has been designed with the same characteristics as the cardio range developed for the gym, which is used by Olympic champions. This means better safety, less maintenance, and the guarantee of having chosen a high-quality product that will help you achieve your goals without putting your heart at risk.

Featured Forma Products

Synchro Forma

The Synchro Forma is the only professional cross trainer with a compact design that perfectly adapts to various home environments. It burns a lot of calories, and is perfect for a workout that includes both the leg muscles and upper body.

Synchro Forma

Bike Forma

The silent and stable Bike Forma unit is the closest one can get to actually cycling on the road. Like a racing bike, it helps tone the legs and gluteal muscles, and is perfectly suited to high-performance sports training.

Bike Forma
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Recline Forma

Recline Forma is perfect for users with limited mobility who want moderate cardio activity but need additional comfort. It is also suitable for active adults and for those who have back pain issues.

Recline Forma