The Excite+ Line

By pushing the limits of cardio design, the Excite+ range creates new opportunities to enhance training experiences and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Catering to everyone’s needs

Excite+ is the world’s most comprehensive line of contemporary cardio equipment. Featuring lower body, lateral total body, self-adaptive total body and upper body machines, the Excite+ line satisfies the largest possible range of user requirements and adapts to meet specific training goals.

Unique to this line

The Excite+ range - Built around human anatomy

Built around human anatomy

Our Excite+ products are all based upon extensive research and development in the fields of movement and biomechanics. The equipment's design respects the variety of user preferences and fitness levels, and is built to ensure safe and effective training under all conditions.

The Excite+ range - Compelling user experiences

Compelling user experience

The UNITY™ digital interface, which is available on every Excite+ product, offers a fully-engaging user experience by providing access to countless entertainment options and customized training programs, thus increasing the user's motivation to achieve their wellness goals. With UNITY™, interaction is as simple and intuitive as using a tablet.

The Excite+ range - Award-winning design

Award-winning design

Sleek equipment design and specially selected materials come together to bring style and prestige to each facility. Available in various color combinations, and boasting numerous award winning product designs, the Excite+ line is ideal for those looking to create an appealing and inviting fitness environment.

Featured Excite+ Products

Excite+ Run Now

The Excite+ Run Now machine combines the pleasure of a cushioned running surface with the appeal of digital entertainment and connectivity. Design and technology combine to provide an intensely satisfying running experience.

Excite+ Run Now

Excite+ Vario

The Excite+ Vario follows your stride and automatically adapts to your movement patterns. This movement variety allows the user to enjoy a wide range of exercises from the get-go, also thanks to the innovative self-starting system.

Excite+ Vario

Excite+ Bike

The Excite+ Bike mimics the feel of riding an actual road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a wide range positions to improve accessibility, as well as rider comfort and performance.

Excite+ Bike
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