The Element+ Line

Combining a sleek and durable design with an extensive list of features, the Element+ line facilitates a simple, enjoyable and intuitive strength training experience for all users.

Compact design for all user abilities

Element+ is a comprehensive line of highly compact equipment that fits perfectly into any wellness environment, with each and every aspect designed to provide maximum results in complete comfort. The line includes our IFI-certified Inclusive machines, designed specifically for users with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities. The look of the Inclusive machines remains identical to the Element+ machines, to avoid creating a feeling of separation by users with disabilities.

Unique to this line

The Element range - Essential design

Essential design

The Element+ line has been designed to combine Technogym's exceptional biomechanics and comfort with a sleek and timeless design. Functionality and style, all at an affordable price.

The Element range - Physiocam


This feature provides for variable resistance in order to accommodate the specific strength curve of the muscle group being trained. As a result, the user perceives consistent resistance throughout the entire exercise.

The Element range - Ergonomic bioseat

Ergonomic Bioseat

Bioseat - the ergonomic seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support the spinal column and
 to help users assume the correct position during their workout. Different padding densities have been utilized in order to better accommodate the shape of the body by offering softer or firmer support wherever needed.

The Element range - Biomotion


Biomotion is a scientifically established design concept that reproduces the body's natural movements using the selected range of motion. It provides for steady resistance throughout the workout, rendering the movement exceptionally fluid.

Featured Element Products

Element+ Chest Press

The custom-designed Chest Press is ideal for working the triceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles, and allows for strength training to be performed in a simple, enjoyable and intuitive manner from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

Element+ Chest Press
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The Element+ Leg Extension Inclusive

The Leg Extension Inclusive allows the user to strengthen their legs in a safe and effective manner from a comfortable sitting position, without engaging the lower back. The unit is IFI certified for rehabilitative strength training, as well as for users with sensory or cognitive disabilities.

The Element+ Leg Extension Inclusive

Element+ Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press is ideal for exercising the shoulders and arms, and allows for strength training to be performed in a simple, enjoyable and intuitive manner from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

Element+ Shoulder Press
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