Group Cycle Class

Saddle up for the ride of a lifetime. Group Cycle is an immersive and connected experience combining amazing videos, music, and metrics to inspire the greatest of achievements.

Group Cycle Class

While the group gets spinning as one, each participant can measure their performance in real time, and improve it.

This is a race that leaves limits behind. It builds tenacity and confidence. Group Cycle is a ride to remember.


indoor cycling



45 minutes



fun seeking riders

What makes it unique

In a Group Cycle Class you'll enjoy the same awesome feeling of cycling on a real road.

Music, sweat, immersive content, and a high-energy environment to see, hear and feel the ride.

Measure your power, track your performance data in real time, and analyze your results after each session.

Hills, drills, and sprints. Challenge your endurance, build core strength, and improve cardiovascular health.

Group Cycle Class

The Journey

group cycle class setup
Step 1


The trainer selects one of the class profiles from the library or creates a customized ride with the Class Profile Builder.

group cycle class start the class
Step 2

Start the class

The trainer starts the class with a tap on the Unity™ Self kiosk, and can manage music adjust the microphone, and skip steps forward or backward.

group cycle class the performance
Step 3

The performance

Riders check their performance on-screen and adjust workload according to the effort profile and the trainer's instructions.

group cycle class on-screen
Step 4


The trainer makes the class challenging and dynamic, switching from view to view or playing immersive videos.

group cycle class after the class
Step 5

After the class

The rider views their results summary on the console, on the app, and stretches out in the area at the back of the bike using visual guides.

group cycle class the method

The Method

The Group Cycle training method gives exercise professionals the tools they need to manage their classes while meeting the needs of their participants. Classes can be based on power or heart rate. With its simple and clear approach, it enables trainers to create an inspirational environment in which fun-seeking and results-oriented riders are equally at home.

group cycle

Group Cycle

The new Group Cycle has everything participants want from start to finish, enabling an awesome feeling and accurate tracking to motivate everyone right up until the end of the ride.

group cycle handlebar and saddle

Handlebar and saddle

On-The-Fly Settings enable four-way adjustments with one simple touch to provide an optimal cycling position for everyone.

group cycle magnetic resistance knob

Magnetic resistance knob

Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45° make precise adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy.

group cycle poly-v belt drive system

Poly-V® Belt drive system

Designed for durability and delivering a smooth, quiet ride with a realistic road feel.

What's included

group cycle class smart equipment
Smart equipment

The connected bike tracks each workout and sends the participant performance data via Wi-Fi to the Unity Self kiosk.

group cycle class unity self
Unity Self

The kiosk enables trainers to set up the class, play videos and music, adjust the microphone and change viewing modes.

group cycle class external screen
External Screen

Connected to the kiosk via HDMI® technology, the screen creates a more engaging experience and displays participant metrics.

group cycle professional app
Group Cycle professional app

A digital hub to create class profiles, monitor participant compliance, and manage the training experience in real time.

group cycle class ongoing support
Ongoing support

Online courses, recurrent playbooks, class profiles, and videos all contribute to keeping your group excited about the next class.

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