Wellness Upgrade

This is a smart solution for hotels and cruise ships that want to complement their traditional environments with large or small areas dedicated to personal Wellness. This includes equipment that's suitable for all types of environments, ranging from spas to business meeting rooms and other indoor areas.

Wellness on Demand

Experience flexible answers to satisfy your guests’ spontaneous desire to enjoy a Wellness experience in the hotel or cruise ship environment. Technogym offers a range of tools and portable equipment that can be supplied to guests directly in their rooms.

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Wellness Reception & Lounge

This is an elegant idea for common areas, where guests can take advantage of Technogym relaxation and regeneration solutions in a special environment while waiting for friends or colleagues. In addition to being a perfect and highly-original way to furnish a lounge or corner near the reception area, the unique Wellness Ball™ – Active Sitting is also an attractive design element.

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Wellness Spa

This is a joint solution that ensures a comprehensive Wellness experience for guests who want to pursue both relaxation and healthy exercise routines during their stay. The Wellness Spa solution combines the benefits of the modern spa with the excellence of advanced Technogym equipment, such as the Kinesis®, ARKE™ or FLEXability collections.


Business Meeting Room

This is a distinctive way for business hotels to introduce the Wellness concept into everyday engagements, thus increasing their own appeal while at the same time attracting partners who share their same wellness-oriented principles. The Business Meeting Room option is an easy-to-implement solution that provides an immediate response to a rapidly increasing market demand.