Communicator App: Increase loyalty and secondary revenues

The Communicator App is capable of transforming every UNITYTM and UNITYTM SELF kiosk into a powerful marketing tool. Send promotional messages or request feedback and opinions about your services from clients while they're working out.


How it works

The Communicator App allows you to reach out to your clients in an entirely natural manner. In just a few clicks, you can send a message to your clients as they train. You can even collect feedback and opinions about your services and advertise your activities on the UNITY and UNITY SELF platforms’ easily accessible noticeboard, allowing you to further promote your facility and services.


Staff benefits

  • Communicate all of your activities with an easy-to-create digital noticeboard on the UNITY and UNITY SELF consoles.
  • Facilitate closer contact with clients and deeper insight into their preferences, thoughts, and opinions.
  • Collect basic data about any activity and optimize your services.
  • Easily promote your facility with co-marketing by personalizing the digital display with your facility’s logo.
  • Increase customer loyalty and generation of secondary revenue.


Benefits for clients

  • Clients will be able to easily find all the information they need to participate in your classes and get involved in your facility's activities.
  • Clients will enjoy a closer connection with the facility, thanks to targeted instant messages.
  • Clients will feel that their opinions and feedback matter, and will therefore feel more involved with the facility.
  • Clients are likely to become more motivated upon seeing how their feedback has changed or improved the facility's services.