Watertown Regional Medical Center – medical fitness facility

Watertown, Wisconsin

Watertown Regional Medical Center is a medical fitness facility in Wisconsin, and is primarily a referral center for doctors. Their main focus is upon ‘prevention’ with the year-long ‘ONE Wellness’ program, with a clientele ranging from 18 to 90 years old.

An investment in Excite+, Element, Kinesis® One & Group Cycle

Watertown invested in the Excite+, Element, Kinesis® One and Group Cycle lines of cardio, strength and functional training equipment.

They also opted to fully integrate Technogym’s mywellness cloud, a digital platform that allows individuals to manage their fitness activities, and encourages interaction among facilities, trainers, doctors and clients.

‘Medical Fitness Members’ are provided with a Technogym key when they join the program, which allows the staff to guide their fitness programming and receive valuable feedback. ‘ONE Wellness’ members use a mywellness key, which allows the trainers to track their movements and set daily goals.

An improved customer experience

Each of the new investments has brought its own benefits to Watertown Regional Medical Center and its customers:

  • These tools help ‘ONE Wellness’ members who live in other states, and even in other countries, to track their own progress. The mywellness cloud apps, like Coach and Prescribe, allow the staff to track members’ progress and assign exercises in the same way they would for other members directly at the facility.
  • Customers benefit from the staff receiving immediate feedback about what’s working, what’s not, how they’re exercising and which programs they’re using the most.

What the staff says

  • “Our experience with Technogym has always been world class.”
  • “From day one, Technogym has made finding solutions the number one priority, thus ensuring the success of our facility and programs.”
  • "I just can’t say enough about the employees... they've always excelled at helping us find the right equipment and technology platforms to put us ahead of the competition.”
  • “The Technogym team has always been eager to receive feedback from us and always wants to know what can be improved. And I’ve often seen things updated or changed as a result of suggestions we’ve made. There aren’t many companies out there who do that, and that's something that really sets Technogym apart.”