The Room

The room has options for tailor-made solutions for hotels and cruise ships that want to offer their guests a personalized Wellness experience in the privacy of their own rooms or cabins. We have solutions available ranging from single machines to multimedia tools, all of which are capable of meeting a wide range of requirements and responding to your guests’ various aspirations.

Wellness Suite

This is the ideal solution for hotels with spacious accommodation options that want to offer their customers a private Wellness experience. One prestigious piece of Technogym equipment transforms a suite or large room into a private gym. When space is not an issue, the Wellness Suite solution is the best way to make your guests feel at home and treat them to an unforgettable wellness experience at your facility.


Wellness Tools

The convenient and portable Wellness Tools solution is a complete set of specialized accessories that can be provided to guests directly in their rooms, and is designed for those who like to dedicate a portion of their daily routines to personal Wellness. These well-crafted items will blend discreetly into the surrounding environment and add a touch of exclusive style to your facility.


Wellness Videos

A selection of multimedia tools designed to provide your guests with active Wellness ideas during their stay. With zero space requirements, the Wellness Videos option is an all-round solution that's ideal for guests who want to be active throughout the day, and offers an immediate answer for hotels with space-efficient accommodations that want to offer premium quality support for their more health-conscious customers.

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