Sports Medicine

Sports medicine

Medicine, above all else, lies at the root of sports activities. We can help you monitor your athletes’ cardiovascular capacity in an even more efficient manner.

Sports medicine

We can help you monitor your athletes’ fitness levels and capabilities in an even more efficient manner with two machines that are entirely compatible with electrocardiograph and metabograph gas analyzers, as well as specific software programs and test protocols. This constant control helps athletes avoid injuries, diseases and heart-related problems. We have a complete range of solutions dedicated to monitoring health conditions and identifying suitable training programs.

Our recommended solutions

In order to measure cardiopulmonary efficiency, endurance and an athlete’s capacity, specific tests based on rigorous protocols are required. The stress test is the fundamental exercise used to measure general health and specific sports performance parameters.


Monitoring athletes’ condition

The Bike Med and Run Med have been specifically designed for the medical sector, as they can be connected to various measurement devices, including electrocardiographs and metabograph gas analyzers.


Pre-defined testing protocols

Our equipment allows you to perform a variety of accurate tests in support of your activities. The available protocols include maximal and sub-maximal tests, which can be customized by setting the starting speed and by establishing each of the testing steps.


The Cardiomemory software program allows for all the data to be collected, viewed and stored in real time.

Complete cardiovascular assessment


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