Self App: Automatic program assignment

Enable your members to easily create their own training programs from a library of over 2,000 routines and 5,000 exercises with the Self App.


How it works

The Self App places an entire library of exercises at your fingertips. The Self App has been specifically tailored for unsupervised facilities, and allows clients to pick and choose the programs best suited for them based on a precise combination of data: their goals and aspirations, fitness level, time available and the equipment installed at the facility. The training results and the progress achieved are stored in the clients’ mywellness® account.

Staff benefits

  • Easily and effectively personalize the library to suit your training methods.
  • Flexibility – change the exercises or add other activities by adjusting the program's availability settings.
  • Create a new training program in just a few clicks.

Benefits for clients

  • The training program library is available directly on the UNITY™ SELF kiosk, and the program can be instantaneously viewed, checked and monitored via any mobile device, as well as the UNITY console and the mywellness®
  • Clients can select a training program in just a few clicks.
  • The clients' exercises, results and progress achieved can be recorded and easily accessed at any time, as everything is stored directly in their personal mywellness accounts.