Programs & Education

With Programs & Education, we sustain the development of your business with dedicated tools designed to fully exploit your range of Technogym equipment. We will also help you develop customized programs based on the users' specific needs and abilities, thus allowing you to better meet the customers' demands while providing the best possible Wellness experience.

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Scientifically validated programs

Developed by our network of leading exercise professionals and validated by our Scientific Research Department, each program is designed in accordance with the Technogym Ability Training methodology. Available in a wide range of formats, facilities will benefit from:

  • Printable media (posters or exercise cards)
  • Online content (the website)
  • Apps (Functional Training App and Prescribe App)

Highly qualified education

We offer on-site educational activities to help exercise professionals provide the best possible user experience. Certified Master Trainers are available to prepare your staff by illustrating how to engage customers and help them achieve results. Specific training solutions are designed to provide insight into the Exercise, Movement, Progression and Routine methodology, which helps generate interaction, engagement and secondary revenue opportunities.