Metabolic disorders

Metabolic pathologies

We have a full range of equipment and solutions to help your patients’ prevent, deal with and effectively treat metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes.

Metabolic pathologies

Metabolic pathologies include diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Physical activity and exercise can help reduce the symptoms and problems associated with these diseases.

Our recommended solutions

Diabetes and obesity can also be addressed by activating the metabolism, which is done by burning calories. For this reason, the first physical therapy we recommend is exercise involving both cardiovascular activity and strength training. For example, walking coupled with certain strength exercises can help people suffering from diabetes to better absorb insulin and reduce HbA1c.

Equipment for simple cardio training

For simple cardio training, we recommend the Jog Now MD with its reduced initial speed (0.4 km/h instead of 0.8 km/h); this treadmill is also an excellent way for beginners to approach physical exercise. The Recline MD InclusiveTop MD Inclusive and Vario MD are three machines that help activate the metabolism without overloading the lower limbs, and are ideal for individuals suffering from obesity and complications resulting from diabetes.


The Easy Line range

The Easy Line is a collection of nine machines that constitute an easy and comprehensive circuit for cardio training and muscle strength enhancement. According to a study conducted by the Medical-Scientific Department on a sample of sedentary women, approximately 190 calories are burned by using the Easy Line circuit for 30 minutes at low intensity.


Easily monitor patients’ progress

Thanks to the mywellness® cloud and mywellness® key, it's easy to monitor the patient’s progress and physical activity. These two applications generate detailed reports on the patient’s health, as well as the results following treatment. The mywellness cloud program library includes a series of specific training protocols for individuals suffering from diabetes.



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