Limited space

Wellness – not only in the gym. A solution for non dedicated Wellness spaces

Improve your employees’ wellbeing while increasing productivity with our wellness equipment and custom solutions designed specifically for your workplace, no matter how little space you have available.


Bring wellness to your company

The Corporate Wellness Program is designed to encourage your staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle at work, home and beyond. Even if you think you don't have enough space to dedicate to Wellness, there’s always a solution.


Clever solutions for limited space

Wellness Ball™ – Active Sitting

The Wellness Ball™ – Active Sitting is designed to combat sedentary habits at the workplace and can be used as a replacement for the traditional office chair. The Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting helps maintain good posture and movement while seated. Due to its mobility, the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting prompts the back to make a series of micro movements that are beneficial for the inter-vertebral discs and muscles.

Smart integrated technology

The QR code sewn onto the surface also allows you to access the Wellness Ball website from your smart phone or tablet. You can access a wealth of personalized health information, as well as recommended exercise videos. The Wellness Ball can even remind you when to take a break via Outlook.

Use the Wellness Ball in meeting rooms, too. You can transform your meeting room into a wellness area (when not in use) with the help of your staff, personal trainers and the equipment.

Enhance every available space

The Wellness Ball – Active Sitting™ shouldn’t be confined to the office or the meeting rooms. Why not place a number of them in the reception area instead of a sofa? Or place compact fitness equipment, such as the FLEXability™ line, near the coffee room, lobby or waiting area?

The mywellness® key & mywellness® cloud

The mywellness key is a portable device that can help your staff adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle by measuring and recording the number of movements they perform every day, whether simply walking or engaging in complete training sessions.

When connected to a PC, the data from the key is transferred directly to the mywellness cloud, where the user can monitor their progress and results, and can even set new goals.