Harlow Leisurezone – a state-of-the-art gym, pool, and sports arena

West Ham, London

Operated by the Harlow & District Sports Trust, the Harlow Leisurezone is a leading leisure center that was used as a training facility for athletes leading-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Driving member engagement with Technogym’s cloud-based mywellness® platform

With the aim of broadening its appeal and offering members an even more engaging training experience, in June of 2013 the Harlow Leisurezone began making the transition from the Wellness System customer management platform to Technogym’s new mywellness cloud-based open online platform for the fitness industry.

As a result, Members are now able to access their personal mywellness accounts through multiple channels (through their Technogym key, via the QR code, or by entering their password) in order to access their training history and preferences, as well as to automatically track each gym session and other physical activities via third-party apps such as Runkeeper and MapMyFitness, thus allowing the facility to stay connected with its members, even when outdoors.

Member engagement improved dramatically within just a short period of time, recording a 322% increase in logins to the Wellness System from just one year to the next. The number of Members tracking their workouts on the mywellness cloud currently exceed those using the Wellness System by 14%, with members accessing their mywellness accounts 4,241 times via the website and 3,412 times via their mobile phones from June to July of 2014.

Kim Cowler of Health & Fitness said: “While the Wellness System was robust, over time we began to require something more flexible, accessible and intuitive to keep pace with the current training methods and requirements. The new modular mywellness platform took all of these issues into account, and the training was provided in such a way that its saw enormous participation and engagement on the part of the team and our members alike. The feedback has been phenomenal, and we are confident that this technology will ensure our facility's ability to effectively cater to future trends and training methods.”

A highly personalized training experience 

One significant advantage offered by the mywellness platform is the wide range of professional applications that can be used to provide members with a personalized training experience.

  • Profile – As part of the induction process, each new member completes the Aspiration Finder, a simple web-based questionnaire that's designed to determine their training goals.
  • Prescribe – Based on each customer’s Aspiration profile, the trainers use the Prescribe app to create and edit online training programs that members can access whenever they login to the mywellness platform.
  • Self – Members who prefer to exercise on their own can use the UNITY SELF pedestals to select a preferred workout routine from a preset library of programs.
  • Challenge – Using this app, the trainers regularly organize digital challenges for all the members in order to motivate them to train harder to win a prize.

What is the mywellness open platform?

Technogym’s cloud-based mywellness technology is at the heart of the Technogym Ecosystem, and allows health and fitness facilities to stay in constant contact with their members, wherever they are.

Thanks to a host of web and mobile applications, the facility's staff and members can connect in order to share their training experiences, routines, and tips on how to maximize the time spent achieving their individual Wellness goals.

Benefits for facility owners:

  • Customize your members' experience throughout your facility, from induction, to group activities and marketing campaigns
  • Analyze member data to understand usage and other trends.
  • Organize challenges and keep in touch with members both inside and outside the gym in order to create a sense of community.

Benefits for trainers:

  • Understand your members' aspirations and preferences in order to customize their programs for optimal results.
  • Use comprehensive member data to customize your approach, thus improving interaction and loyalty.
  • Acquire multiple touch-points, and increase your reasons to contact and stay in touch with your members.

Benefits for your members:

  • Access a full range of services, programs, and training suggestions that are personalized to suit your personality.
  • Automatically track your training data to stay up-to-date on your progress.
  • Stay engaged and motivated with Challenges, interactive sessions, and activities designed to suit your interests.

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/123730784