Forte Club, Premium Gym

Saratov, Russia

Forte Club is a premium gym offering the best service in Saratov city. The fitness gym includes four ping-pong tables, two swimming pools and a large SPA zone; plus it offers many fitness programs for children. With Technogym equipment and technology, Forte Club provides exclusive individual wellness solutions for all of its members. 


Members have an exclusive full-service experience with Technogym’s cloud-based technology  

Forte Club provides individual wellness solutions to all of its members by combining high quality equipment with cloud-based technology and an exclusive service. In May 2014, the gym invested in Excite+, Selection, PureStrength, Kinesis® and ARKE ranges of Technogym equipment and mywellness® cloud apps: Profile, Prescribe, Coach, Communicator and Challenge.

As part of the signing-up process, each member completes a questionnaire in the Aspiration Finder in Profile to find out what their training motivations are. Once completed, the club is able to offer classes, tailored SPA services and also different menus in the fitness café, according to the results of the Aspiration Finder. Also a fitness test on Technogym’s cardio and strength equipment and further support is included in the membership fee. This means that members are more motivated to take advantage of these additional services.

Each member has the Coach app, which creates training programs and the ideal diet and lifestyle plan; it also tracks their activities, gives advice and motivates them in order to reach their goal, even when they train without a trainer or train out of the gym. Members can also choose a more personal approach to their training with the Prescribe (Personal Trainer) app. Technogym keys are used for club access at the turnstiles, the use of changing room lockers and payment of additional services – like purchases from the fitness café, for individual training sessions and more.


Members enjoy the benefits of the mywellness cloud 

The mywellness cloud doesn’t just help to guarantee results, it’s a very easy way to monitor the lifestyle of each member and give the right information and advice; where members can really feel the benefit of the connection between training, nutrition, lifestyle and achieving their goals. Overall, Technogym’s mywellness cloud helped the club to really differentiate itself from the competition.