In a world where more and more young people are leading sedentary lifestyles, the threat to their physical and social health is real and immediate.

Physical exercise has significant and far-reaching benefits for students of all ages.

Technogym offers a broad range of durable equipment and services tailored specifically for you.

The benefits for students and learning facilities are significant:

  • Greater enthusiasm
  • Improved motivation
  • Awareness of body inputs & outputs
  • Extended times for exercise
  • All-weather training options

There are also numerous benefits for the institution:

  • Increased participation in sports activities
  • Improved facility to attract new students
  • Excellent positioning as a hub of the local community

Technogym has equipped over 30,000 Wellness Centers and over 20,000 private homes in over 60 different countries worldwide. Every day more than 15,000,000 people train using Technogym equipment.