Cardiorespiratory disorders

Cardiorespiratory pathologies

From stroke prevention to rehabilitation following heart failure, we can help you throughout every phase of therapy with solutions designed to monitor the patient's progress, promote correct training, and reduce the possibility of relapse.

Cardiorespiratory pathologies

The major cardiorespiratory diseases include high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and all the pathologies linked to the heart’s functions. While a sedentary lifestyle can increase the occurrence of these diseases, monitored aerobic exercise can provide a certain degree of protection, and can even be helpful for preventing relapses. Technogym offers doctors a range of equipment and solutions designed to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as to assist with post heart failure recovery.

Our recommended solutions

When treating patients with heart disease, it’s best to select equipment that guarantees safe training, and to use tools that will allow you to constantly monitor the heart's condition.

Constant patient monitoring

The mywellness® key is a portable device that can be worn by the patient in order to remotely monitor his/her progress. It also records all the physical activities performed during the course of the day.

Controlled training

In addition to performing a preliminary analysis of the patient’s physical condition, the Run MED can also be used with the electrocardiogram machine and gas analyzer in order to allow you to constantly monitor the patient’s training. What's more, the Run MED can even be controlled directly by the ECG software in order to adjust the speed and slope during the exercise.

Unmonitored training

During unmonitored training sessions, your patient can use equipment that requires greater muscle involvement, such as Synchro MD the Jog Now MD. When combined with a telemetric chest strap, the CPR program allows you to select safe training exercises, such as constant heart rate exercises.

Muscle strengthening

Scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of strength training for cardiac rehabilitation. Exercises performed on the Leg Press Inclusive and Chest Press Inclusive help to strengthen the muscles and allow the individual suffering from heart failure to resume their daily activities more quickly.

Prevention and treatment of cardiorespiratory disorders



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