Ample space

Made-to-measure corporate gyms

Improve your employees’ wellbeing while increasing productivity with our Wellness equipment and custom solutions designed specifically for your workplace, no matter how much space you have available.


Bring wellness to your company

The Corporate Wellness Program is designed to encourage your staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle at work, home and beyond. We can help you create a complete and effective Wellness environment, whether your company has plenty of available space or just 200 square feet.

Clever solutions for 200 square foot areas

20 mq_Top MOD

The Plurima is a versatile, compact, cable-based, multiple strength training station that perfectly complements the cardio line. It is easy and intuitive to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface and integrated technologies.

Your employees can even access their personal mywellness accounts on the UNITY SELF kiosk in order to view their training programs and results, as well as information about fitness products and services.

Clever solutions for 500 square foot areas

50 mq_Top MOD

By combining the best cardio, strength and functional equipment, our team of designers can help you set up wellness areas dedicated to different types of exercise based on your company’s specific needs. Your staff will be able to increase their cardiovascular strength and flexibility, while at the same time burning calories and improving their mental well-being.

 Clever solutions for 100 square foot spaces

100 mq_Top MOD

Spaces of this size lend themselves to cardio and strength zones dedicated to functional training, and areas for group activities: if space is not a problem, we can even create a larger and more specialized training center for you.

With our easy-to-use, comfortable, high-end equipment, your employees can strengthen their muscles, improve their cardiovascular activity and stimulate everyday functions. Group activities like Group Cycle can also be helpful for increasing social interaction and team spirit among employees.

Choose the best technology

Innovative technologies like UNITY™ and Isocontrols are built into the cardio and strength equipment, while the mywellness app helps create beneficial and engaging experiences. Your employees can even access their data from any device via the mywellness® cloud.

Companies that have adopted the Corporate Wellness Program

Many international companies have already adopted the Corporate Wellness Program and have seen significant improvements in their work environments, including increased socialization, improved productivity and reduced healthcare costs.

These companies include:

Ferrari, Italy

Coca Cola, Nigeria

Adidas, Germany

DBS Bank, Singapore

GE Aviation, United Kingdom

TOTAL, South Africa