A Stair climbing routine helps you to step up your fitness to the next level. Take the example of a treadmill, where you can either walk or run. Now, the same concept applies with a stair-climbing machine, except that you have to lift your feet to reach higher steps. Since you’re lifting your weight upwards, you get more work out compared to walking on a flat level. Artis Climb is a stair-climbing machine designed for home stair-climbing exercises. It will give you the same workout as climbing the stairs of a tall building or a mountain. Best part, Artis Climb will keep you entertained as you work out on the steps. Let’s unearth some of the stair climbing machine benefits.

Benefits and Muscles Involved During Training with The Stair Climbing

Typically, stair climbing muscles include all your leg muscles, such as calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Here, stair climbing exercise involves your glutes and core to a greater extent. Through these exercises, your hip, knee, and ankle joints become more flexible and stronger. From helping with strength building in areas around your lower body, stair-climbing also supports fitness enthusiasts lose weight much faster because stair climbing calories burned are usually more compared to walking. Do you want to boost your cardiovascular endurance and enhance your overall good health? Look no further than the Artis Climb the stair-climbing for the home. As the stairs move continuously, you have to work harder to keep up with the speed of movement. It’s a lot better than ordinary stairs, where your pace reduces as you get tired. Turns out, stair climbing exercise will make your heart rate go up faster, giving you an effective cardio workout. At the same time, the impact on your joints is much less while using a climbing machine than using actual stairs. This is because the stepping platform is a bit softer compared to concrete stairs.

Features of Artis Climb

Artis Climb is the perfect fitness machine for various reasons. First, it’s design takes your safety into account. This fitness tool avails two stop buttons, handrails for support, a courtesy step that’s only 10 inches from the floor, and design adjustments aimed at protecting your toes. Secondly, it has a large console that turns on automatically once you step on the machine. This console helps you to keep track of your workout routine using the MyWellness account. Furthermore, it will provide you with endless entertainment as you walk up the stairs. Through the console, you can also interact with trainers in one-on-one sessions. You also get to experience outdoor climbing by use of virtual trails. This setting lets you feel as if you’re taking a hike right from your house.

Stair Climbing: Some Exercises

Some of the most common stair climbing exercises include:


Start with both feet on the same step. When the third step appears, move one foot to it, assuming the lunge position. Keep the back foot stretched out straight as you move the other foot forward. Such an activity almost mirrors walking with long steps.


Start by walking at a slow pace, then set your feet on the same step. Jump from that step to the third step with both legs while supporting yourself on the handrails. Repeat this several times.

Stair-climbing with hip extension

This mimics the lunges, but before you move your back foot forward, you lift it backwards to stretch your hip.

Side hop

This involves making jogging movements where you rapidly step on the stairs and then on the footrest as the stairs move down.

Single leg exercise

Place one foot on the footrest, then use the other foot to push the stairs down. Exert your body pressure on that foot, then move it up to the third or fourth step and push again.

Two steps leg crossing

This exercise routine involves skipping one step as you walk upstairs. Each time you step forward, you position your right foot to the extreme left and your left foot to the extreme right.


This involves making similar movements as skipping a rope, but you do it with one foot at a time. Ensure the steps are moving a bit faster, making it look like you’re sprinting or running upstairs.

Side Step

It’s the same as walking upstairs, but instead of facing the console, you turn 90 degrees and continue walking.

Artis Climb: Best for Stair Climbing at Home

Artis Climb is highly effective for lower body workouts and cardiovascular endurance. It’s a compact fitness equipment for home that will only take 10 square feet of your living space. You’ll get to experience normal stair-climbing but with more workout styles plus unlimited entertainment.

Technogym DBE0

Artis Climb

Stair climber easy for beginners, challenging for the most advanced. Artis Climb gives your workout an exciting lift, challenging you to go beyond your limits, step by step.
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