Technogym Questions & Answers

Get all the answers to your questions: from which exercises are best for toning your body, to how long you should maintain a stretching position.  

How long should a stretching position be maintained?

According to Bob Anderson's principles, stretching positions should be maintained for 15 to 30 seconds, but the current ACSM guidelines state that they can be maintained for up to one minute. The major muscle groups should be trained at least three times a week.

Are exercises that involve large muscle groups better than those for specific groups?

The most effective exercises are those that involve large muscle groups, such as squats, pull-ups, or jerks with a barbell on a bench. Exercises that isolate certain muscle groups become more important when making the transition from the beginner to expert level.

What is the recommended speed for strength exercises?

There are various ways of timing the concentric (thrust) and eccentric (return) phases. For body toning, it is recommended to perform the reps in five seconds: two in the thrust phase, and three during the return phase.

Which is more effective for muscle toning... diet or exercise?

Diet and exercise are both important for a well-toned body. Your diet will help with weight loss, and will help balance the ratio between lean body mass and fat mass; training, on the other hand, will provide significant results for the muscles, by helping to improve their appearance and giving you a more toned body.

What does it mean to tone up a muscle?

‘Toning’ a muscle means making it firmer. This ‘firmness’ is due to a two-fold effect: weight loss, which reduces fat and decreases the subcutaneous layer of connective tissue; and exercise, which renders the muscle larger and stronger.

What's the ideal workout for toning your body?

The ideal workout includes a combination of aerobic activity (such as running) and strength exercises with equipment and free weights. A proper balance of aerobic and strength exercise stimulates fat burning, and creates the right muscle build to render your body more toned.

What are the warning signs that we should stop a training session?

You should stop training if you experience fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, perceived lack of heartbeat, or any other worrisome sensation. If you feel tired or unwell before exercising, skip the workout and reschedule it for another time. Always consult a doctor if you feel unwell or would like any medical advice before training.


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