How to stay young effectively

The secret to staying younger is to adopt a comprehensive programme of physical activity including; toning, endurance, flexibility and balance exercises.

It’s never too late to start exercising

It is never too late to start an active lifestyle. However, we recommend that you undergo a medical examination before starting, in order to identify any issues or diseases that might require special precautions.

A balance of various exercises is ideal to achieve and maintain good muscle strength and cardiovascular efficiency and to improve the condition of your joints and reduce the risk of falls. And it’s sufficient to start even with mild or moderate intensity physical activity.

Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Do the activity safely, without incurring problems such as muscle or joint pain or other symptoms: If this is the case, stop and contact a doctor or someone who can help you design a programme of activities specifically for your needs and ability.
  2. Exercise regularly and consistently if you want to feel and maintain the benefits.
  3. Exercise in suitable, well-lit, unobstructed spaces on dry surfaces to reduce the risk of falls.
  4. Use a pair of comfortable shoes that provide adequate support for your feet; shoes should not be too tight as you’ll hinder blood circulation
  5. Start each workout with a warm-up
  6. Always end your session with a cool-down phase to enable the return of blood pressure and heart rate to normal values. This helps reduce the risk of arrhythmia due to the alteration of the physiological mechanisms involved in the exercises.
  7. Start gradually walking on flat routes and then start walking uphill to further strengthen the leg and thigh muscles.
  8. Do some breathing exercises to improve blood oxygen, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  9. Do some stretching exercises every day for your legs, arms, neck and spine to maintain healthy joints.
  10. Always do some form of exercise on a regular basis, even if it’s just walking through the park.


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