How To Get Stronger Effectively

Strength exercises are completed in extremely short periods of time, and a few simple rules must be followed in order to avoid harming the muscles involved in certain movements.

How to train effectively

The motor activities that stimulate strength are completely different from aerobic exercises. Both can require maximum effort, but strength exercises last just a few minutes at the very most, while aerobic activities are cyclical and are repeated for longer periods of time.

Training for beginners

There are certain general tips that should be followed by beginners: If you intend to train without close supervision, it’s better to start off using dedicated equipment rather than handlebars or barbells, as this will reduce the possibility of incorrect movements and injuries. Since the muscles also need to rest, it is recommended to rest for one day between one workout and the next.

Rule 1: Warm up properly, and prioritize the muscle groups that will be used the most.

It is  best to try to move the limbs across all the planes at a moderate rhythm (without overloading them), thus increasing the range of movements that are not usually performed during the course of a normal day.

Rule 2: Know your maximum capacity (1-RM) and load percentage. Respecting the load percentages specified for each individual exercise optimizes the effectiveness of the training. If the exercise seems ‘too light’ or ‘too heavy’, it may be a good idea to repeat the maximal exercise test in order to recalibrate the load.

Rule 3:  Follow the technique correctly.

Certain exercises can place stress on delicate structures, such as the spine.  A squat exercise is only completely safe if the movement is carried out correctly; otherwise painful back injuries can occur.

These three simple rules will help you train more safely by reducing the relative risks, while at the same time increasing the benefits of the strength training exercises. Always consult a doctor or professional trainer before starting a training program.


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