An Introduction to Strength Training

There's no excuse for not getting stronger. People often worry that strength training might turn them into body builders, but strength training is crucial for overall health and preventing chronic diseases.

What strength training is

Strength training is also called ‘resistance’ training, and requires controlled movements for each major muscle group. Does training with weights mean becoming as big as a body builder? Not necessarily, hypertrophied muscles are the result of special workouts that are extremely intense and difficult to perform. Furthermore, one of the benefits of training regularly is that you can still burn fat even while at rest.

Significant benefits of strength training

If you have a toned, healthy and efficient body and want to improve your strength, training your muscles can only bring significant benefits. You’ll initially notice an extremely rapid increase in strength; this improvement is not due to an increase in muscle mass, but rather your muscles' ability to use their ‘fibers’ in a more synchronized manner.

Strength training improves your appearance

Strength training renders your muscles efficient and helps improve your appearance, thus providing you with a sense of liveliness that will also boost your confidence. What's more, increasing your muscle mass (even slightly) can help control body fat.

Advantages for the bones

One less visible but crucial advantage of strength training occurs in the bone tissues. The changes that take place as we age (even hormonal) can cause the build-up of minerals in the bones to slow down. Strength exercises use structures that positively stimulate the bone tissues, thus significantly improving the biomechanical properties of the bones themselves.

Overdoing it can be counterproductive

Always make sure you are performing the movements correctly, without using excessive loads, as overdoing it can be counterproductive and can lead to injuries. It is recommended to contact a Technogym expert if you have any doubts about how to perform the movements correctly. It is likewise recommended to contact a sports physician if you have any specific problems or concerns regarding specific strength exercises.


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