Unique and multifunctional

Unica is the multifunctional training bench for all your strength training needs at home. Its compact design fits perfectly in every space, making it easy to find a dedicated space where you can work out.

Fitness routines and training

Unica allows users to perform over 25 exercises in just under 1.5 square metres. Thanks to its exclusive system of levers, it's the ideal home gym equipment for targeted muscle training. This equipment is recommended for the physical training of all kind of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Exercises include: leg and hip extension, chest press, arm curl, pulldown and many more.

The fitness accessories that are included with Unica are a real benefit: Wellness Pad (for performing stretching exercises), ankle bands and hand grips, resistance bands and a maintenance kit. A wheel kit is also provided to make moving the equipment easier.

Colours and design

Unica is available in two colour options for the metal frame: Aluminum and Black.

Unica is made with only the highest quality materials using the same as professional gym equipment so you can workout in comfort at home.

Designed with specific biomechanical principles that make it safer and with particular attention to body movements, Unica is made for home training.

Technogym unica


Unica, evde kuvvet antrenmanı için kompakt kombine ağırlık istasyonudur: sadece 1,5 metrekarede eksiksiz, konforlu ve çok yönlü.
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