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Your personalised training plan

Technogym Coach is your digital personal trainer: answer its questions and get a Precision Program tailored to you that adapts to your progress, helping you reach your goals faster.

Choose your journey: Fitness, to get in shape, lose weight, tone up, build muscle, and stay young; Sport, to maximise your performance in tennis, golf, running or skiing; Health and Lifestyle, to reap the benefits of physical activity with programs suitable for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, overweight and back pain.

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Train anywhere, with the equipment available to you or with bodyweight exercises

Whether you're at home, at the gym, at the hotel or outdoors, with the Technogym App you can adapt your workout with bodyweight exercises or with the equipment available: free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes and many more.

Endless training possibilities

Find the workout that fits you best. Choose from Routines, Sessions, and Signature Programs, and you'll get all kinds of workouts matching your needs: HIIT, strength, stretching, boxing, yoga, and more, with or without equipment.

Technogym Sessions
Boost your workouts with pure energy from the best trainers. Let them show you proper exercise form and motivate you to achieve maximum results.

Technogym Routines
Let our training routines guide you with demonstration videos and audio cues. Achieve targeted goals such as stretching, relaxing, toned glutes, strong legs, abs of steel, and more.

Signature programs
Get specific programmes from top athletic trainers for running, tennis, skiing and golf.

Keep an eye on your movement

MOVERGY is your two-week physical activity trend based on the number of MOVEs, the unit of measurement for movement regardless of gender, age or fitness level.

With MOVEs and MOVERGY, you boost your motivation, compare your results with your friends, and engage in healthy competition to improve your lifestyle.

Plus, you can track all your metrics in detail and see how you're progressing in the Wellness Passport.

Wellness Magazine

On your rest days or while relaxing, you can browse our articles with insights into healthy eating habits, workout tips, trends, mindfulness and stories shared by our community.

Technogym App for Apple Watch

Monitor your heartbeat and calories, pause, end or resume your workout directly from your Watch.

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