Skillbike Class

Don't call it cardio. This is the one experience that puts pro racers to the test. Welcome to the arena of performance cycling.

skillbike class

Same setup, two different experiences. The Race Class works just like a real outdoor competition, with participants switching gears to stay ahead of the pack.

To gain the competitive edge participants crave for, the Performance Class offers real-time monitoring of individual metrics, to check for compliance and move on to the next level.


performance indoor cycling



45 minutes



cycling pros

What makes it unique

Enjoy the closest experience to a real bike ride. With the Skillbike you'll feel just like you're riding outdoors.

Two different experiences - Race and Performance - in a single environment.

Choose your gear, check competitors on-screen, and race to the finish line.

Train in the most efficient way and choose the right intensity based on your FTP.

The Journey

skillbike class profile set up
Step 1

Profile set up

The trainer creates a Race profile or selects one from the library of regularly updated profiles.

skillbike class class booking
Step 2

Class booking

Participants book their class and bike from the mywellness app.

skillbike class login
Step 3


Participants locate the bike and log in to the class directly from the bike.

skillbike class settings customization
Step 4

Settings customization

Every Skillbike customizes resistance based on class profile and participant.

skillbike class live on screen
Step 5

Live on screen

Chase the leader in a Race Class and gain positions until the finish line. Check your output on the screen and keep your progress steady in a Performance Class.

skillbike class workout tracking
Step 6

Workout tracking

Participants can check their performance after every class and track them on the mywellness app.

skillbike class the method

The Method

Thanks to Skillathletic Training, participants can develop the full spectrum of skills involved in cycling. Training targets several capacities:

  • Power: to improve efficiency in all riding conditions
  • Speed: to carry through to the final rush
  • Stamina: to sustain effort for extended periods of time
  • Agility: to improve neuromuscular coordination and efficiency.


With Skillbike's unique features, cycling professionals and enthusiasts can now experience the thrill and challenge of outdoor riding indoors.

skillbike class road effect system

Pedal Printing™

Leverage continuous visual feedback on the circularity and symmetry of your pedaling stroke to improve efficiency.

skillbike class real gear shift

Road Effect System

This patented system enables Skillbike to react based on participant weight and other parameters, delivering the most realistic and personal feeling.

skillbike class pedal printing

Real Gear Shift

The Real Gear Shift (Patented) replicates the dynamics of hill riding for maximum efficiency.

What's included

skillbike class smart equipment
Smart equipment

Each Skillbike features a touchscreen console for optimum user guidance during the class.

skillbike class unity self
Unity Self

A fully-connected kiosk for better workout guidance with video and sound options plus on-screen projection.

skillbike class skillrun professional app
Skillrun Professional App

Trainers can define the class profile in advance and manage every aspect in real time from the Unity Self kiosk, including booking, music, and performance feedback.

skillbike class external screen
External screen

Trainers can display instructions and real-time workout data during a class directly on a large screen.

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skillbike class

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