SELF: Automatic programme assignment

Empower members to create their own training programmes from a library of more than 2,000 routines and 5,000 exercises with the SELF app.

How it works

With the SELF app, you’ve got an entire library of exercises at your fingertips. Choose from over 2,000 routines and 5,000 video exercises. You can even create your own personalised library to suit the exact training methods of your facility. The training results and the progress made are stored on the clients’ mywellness® profile.

Benefits for staff

  • Personalise the library easily and effectively to suit your training methods
  • Flexibility – by adjusting programme availability settings, change exercises or add other activities
  • Create a new training programme in just a few clicks

Benefits for clients

  • Easy access for clients as the video library is available on devices such as: UNITY™, UNITY SELF kiosk, Technogym key and mywellness key or the clients’ own device
  • Clients can set up exercises directly on Technogym equipment
  • Clients can even record their exercises and refer back to them whenever and wherever