Training on a treadmill

You can program many different workouts on your treadmill, whatever your objective may be: to stay healthy, lose weight, or work off some stress.

To begin, you can choose a slow walk, a brisk walk, jogging, and running, alternating between them or changing the tilt angle.

Before beginning, stand erect with your head high and your shoulders lined up with your hips. While walking, keep your arms soft and relaxed; bend them while jogging, as you do when running.

Ready to go? Here are a few exercises you can do easily based on different requirements.

To improve health and release stress

Among its many advantages, approximately 30 minutes of light exercise 3 times a week improves heart function, helps mineralize the bones, helps metabolize sugars, and loosens muscle and psychological tension.

- start with 5 minutes walking at an easy pace;
- start walking briskly, at about 6-8 km/hr for 10-15 minutes;
- continue walking briskly for another 5-10 minutes, slightly increasing the tilt of the treadmill (up to 5% maximum);
- end with 5 minutes of easy walking.

To lose weight and tone your muscles
Your body especially at low intensity, burns an energy compund which is very high in fats: 3 weekly sessions of 40 minutes will help you gradually lose excess weight and better maintain the results you achieve over time:

- begin with a brisk walk at 5.5 km/hr for about 10 minutes;
- move on to a gentle run at 6-8 km/hr for about 20-25 minutes;
- end with 5-10 minutes walking at a slow pace to relax your muscles.

Now you know the basics, but you can do much more.
With the right exercises and the multimedia advantages of Run Personal, your treadmill workout can be different and engaging every time.