The Easy Line Range

By applying 25 years of research with the principles of biomechanics and ergonomics, Easy Line is perfectly designed for comfort and ease of use with maximum style

Exclusive design & style

25 years researching and developing wellness equipment has resulted in the creation of the Easy Line range. By applying the principles of biomechanics and ergonomics traditionally associated with the Technogym brand, Easy Line offers exceptional ease of use and comfort and is a stylish addition to your facility

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The Easy Line range - Easy seat

Easy seat

The wide seats accommodate a range of user sizes and body types. And the shape of the seat is inspired by automotive design – guaranteeing stability and comfort while exercising.

The Easy Line range – Easy fit

Easy fit

Pads and retaining rolls are designed to fit different users’ shapes and sizes. Their V shape provides extra support and holds limbs in place during exercise so users maintain proper form and constant contact with the equipment.

The Easy Line range - Hydraulic piston

Hydraulic Resistance Piston Technology

All Easy Line hydraulic pistons pass stress and durability tests that exceed one million cycles (automotive tests require only 500,000 cycles). This makes Easy Line extremely durable.

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