Create your own gym in 30 sq m

You can use a veranda, small basement, or a garage: if you have about 30 m² to work with and you're thinking of turning it into an equipped gym, here is some advice from one of our designers on the essential elements and proper design.

How should you organize a gym at home in 30 m²?
It all depends on the complexity of your layout and your options for designing your flow. It's important to position the cardio equipment near a source of light, like a window, and avoid claustrophobic environments, especially those without a light source.
Each machine needs 5 m² of room, so in 30 m² you can include up to 6. If your space is regular you can even have more.

In order to organize a complete gym, what pieces of equipment are must-haves?
The most important thing is that the equipment you choose covers all muscle groups. One example of equipment might be: Run Personal, Kinesis® Personal, Crossforma, Adjustable Bench, and the Wellness Ball™ + Wellness Rack.
As an alternative to this solution, or even in addition to it if you have room, you could choose an option with a focus on stretching, including Flexability (anterior and/or posterior).

Can you give us an example of a space organized this way?
In this design for example, we decided to include the Forma line – Run Forma, Recline Forma, and Wellness System™ – because space is limited.
The choice of Unica for the strength area responds to the need for a single machine to exercise multiple muscle groups from the upper body to the lower body. Also, with advice from our Wellness Design™ department, the client also created a relaxation and stretching area, including two Wellness Ball™s and two Wellness Pads. For the abs in this case he added a Crunch Bench.
In this layout there is also a Starpool sauna that the client wanted to add to create a complete wellness space.

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