Ecologische duurzaamheid

From its inception, The Technogym Village has been guided by environmental principles.

Making the most of natural resources

  • All the buildings in the Technogym Village are located to make best use of the natural elements.
  • The factory faces north, which ensures natural light throughout the working day, and keeps staff cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • An automated system opens windows under the roof and recycles air to keep interiors cool, even in the summer, without requiring air conditioning systems.

Re-using materials

We re-used the earth excavated during the construction of the factory to install natural barriers along the motorway side of the site. This created:

  • a soft outline in front of the motorway, matching the contours of our local hillsides
  • natural sound-proofing against the noise of motorway traffic

Energy-saving measures

We pay considerable attention to the choice of equipment we use to ensure maximum energy saving and minimal environmental impact.
An investment in energy-saving lamps and low-consumption PC workstations led to combined energy savings of approximately 154,000 kWh per year.

Clean energy

We are committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1,400,000 kg/year.
For example, since 2008 the Technogym Spa has been using clean electricity generated purely from renewable resources.

Reducing and recycling waste

We recycle the following materials:

  • the fabrics used to clean our products
  • toner cartridges
  • paper, cardboard and wood products

Our offices exclusively use recycled paper and we have reduced the paper used print product instruction manuals by replacing them with digital documents.

Choosing eco-friendly partners

We carefully vet any partners and suppliers collaborating with us to ensure their dedication to the environment. Where possible we also try to work with local companies.