ARTIS RUN is the Technogym treadmill synonymous with excellence: it combines the highest standards of design, treadmill technology and connectivity. ARTIS RUN Treadmill completes the fully integrated collection of 30 cardio, strength and functional products from the ARTIS line.


The ARTIS RUN treadmill deck provides a cushioned surface which adapts automatically to different running styles. This feeling of natural movement for running or walking ensures the most comfortable workout experience. ARTIS RUN treadmill also provides the widest running surface available on the market giving users enhanced freedom. The treadmill incorporates precise ergonomic standards for correct positioning and tilt of the user interface. With ARTIS RUN it is also possible to perform Interval Training running exercises in a simple and intuitive way: with Fast Track Control users can select speed and tilt values without interrupting the exercise. Typtronic type adjustment allows you to set different speeds without having to change the rhythm of your workout.

The running machine also turns into an immersive digital experience with the UNITY 3.0 console that allows users to enjoy countless entertainment options and compete in new RACE challenges in the arena or circuits of the most popular marathons. The stunning backlit LCD display enhances image quality, giving programs and content the highest definition and bright colors.

TO LEARN MORE The ARTIS line includes 30 cardio, strength and functional pieces of workout equipment . ARTIS enhances the workout experience thanks to its enveloping design, connectivity and freedom of movement. Its unique technology reduces, recycles and renews energy giving you piece of mind, all the time.

Technogym DBK0

Artis Run

Met deze inspirerende loopband verbetert u uw hardlooptechniek. Connectiviteit en begeleide programma’s maken hardlooptrainingen spannender en persoonlijker dan ooit. Artis® Run is tot in het kleinste detail ontworpen voor het meest natuurlijke hardloopgevoel.
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