Make strength intelligent again.


All muscles and no brains? Quite the opposite, strength has never been smarter thanks to the UNITY MINI interface. The missing link to make your workout a truly seamless experience has now been found, and it’s here to enable a personalised experience, total guidance and automatic tracking on strength equipment.

Power, made personal

Your workouts, your rules: to summon your training experience, it just takes a swipe of your smartphone. Or your Technogym key, Bluetooth connection, barcode scanner. You choose.

Always guided

Not sure about how to set your seating exactly? Easy-peasy with the video instructions, and they come in handy also to refresh your memory about the correct exercise form.

Resume training

Create your own exercises or recall your programme on mywellness: you can read your sets, reps and weights on screen. UNITY MINI also counts your rest times: leave your stopwatch in the locker.

Real-time biofeedback

Monitor your exercise live: your ROM (range of movement) is calculated on the spot, just follow the curves for the most effective concentric and eccentric movements.

Touch. Push. Track.

Forget manual tracking on paper, all your training data is automatically reported to your mywellness account. No cheating allowed...

Test your power

Still wondering what your 1RM is? Testing is just a touch away: just follow the instructions on screen and learn what’s your next record to break.

From station to station

First time with your new programme? Now, start with the Chest Press, then… What was the next one again? No more memory lapses with UNITY MINI, every step in your journey is directed station to station.


UNITY MINI is a key enabler of the Technogym Ecosystem , and can be found on the Selection and Artis lines of strength equipment. Willing to learn more on how the transition to a digitalised fitness environment can empower and differentiate your business?




Unity makes your Wellness journey personal across all the touchpoints in the fitness club. Its connected interface lets you extend, improve and track your training seamlessly. Expand your potential with the power of the UNITY console for cardio equipment and UNITY SELF kiosk.



Maximize your cardio experience with endless options in terms of training, challenges, connectivity and entertainment



The Wellness kiosk at your service: find your programmes, track body measurements and workout results.