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Activate your Technogym Unlimited subscription and get in the middle of the action with the best trainers live from London and Milan.

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Classes included in the membership can be accessed on Technogym Bike only.
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Mesmerizing playlists. Revolutionary lighting. Outstanding trainers who know how to push you to your limits, and beyond. Subscribe to 1Rebel content and get the energy of the acclaimed Victoria Ride studio right at home on your Technogym Bike.

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Join the Revolution
Experience the sounds, the lights and the best trainers from Revolution by Virgin Active from the comfort of your own home. The immersive sense of community in the studio can come to life anywhere as you engage in the ultimate workout.

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Irresistible programmes

Revolution is a fun, passion-filled way to train. Revolution offers three different programmes to choose from every day.

Cycle Spirit

Let the endorphins flow with this revolutionary high-energy workout powered by an incredible soundtrack.

Cycle Race

Challenge your limits as you compete with other riders in search of your best athletic performance. Get your adrenaline racing to the finish line.

Cycle Burn

Discover the thrill of interval training and burn more calories in less time. This complete training programme will help boost your metabolism.